A Special Snob Award for Ward

Most black men who hate themselves just join a violent street gang or become one of our many alcoholics and drug addicts. But some like to take the self-loathing up a notch, like Clarence Thomas, and for others it’s about something even more sinister – Money.

I’d naively dumped affirmative action slayer Ward Connerly in the self-loathing “Clarence Thomas trying to save us from ourselves” column. But now the folks at Too Sense have hipped me to what may be Connerly’s true end game.

Cash rules everything around Ward, dollah, dollah bill ya’ll!

From blog Colorado Confidential:

(I)n the dozen years since Proposition 209 passed in California, investigative reports have revealed that Connerly likely has much more than altruism and racial double standards in mind: It’s called money. Lots and lots of money.

In its winter 2008 issue, Ms. magazine published an investigative package detailing the millions that Connerly has raked in over the past 12 years, engaging in what is described as a “good ole boys” cottage industry, whose main beneficiaries are largely lily-white, male members of the building and construction industry – in other words, his consulting company’s longtime clients.

“Connerly and his firm [Connerly & Associates] have long consulted and lobbied for trade associations comprised of some of the most powerful players in the housing, building and public works construction industries – many of which depend on state and local governments for lucrative contracts,” according to the Ms. article, written by Mary Moore and Jennifer Hahn.

Sayeth Ms. Magazine:

In the years since Prop 209 passed, Connerly has been “handsomely compensated,” the article notes. According to Internal Revenue Service filings, between 1998 and 2006 Connerly and his company have raked in a total of $8.3 million from his nonprofit American Civil Rights Institute, and another called the American Civil Rights Coalition.

Connerly, who murdered civil rights legislation for women and minorities in California, has become a serial killer, taking what he did for California’s Prop. 209 and spreading it across the USA to Washington and Michigan. And now Connerly is set to eviscerate the legislation in Colorado, Missouri. Arizona, Nebraska and Oklahoma making sure traditional forms of “affirmative action” only apply – legacy scholarships and white maleness.

It’s bad enough to want to harm groups who are continuously discriminated against due to their genetic make-up, but to learn that you’re just in it for the dollars, Ward? I normally don’t give this award to anyone because, to me, this is a horrible sexist term, but you’ve given me no choice.

Move aside Cinnamon and all of NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s Emperor’s Club Diamonds.

WardWill Whore for Rich White MenConnerly

Ho of the Year*

* Click the image to see larger file.

The Snob apologizes to actual whores, who only hurt themselves and the men they possibly give venereal diseases to. You’re just a bunch of confused women and boys who play for pay and give ass for cash. Ward’s actions involve the racist-abetted fucking over of numerous minorities, womenfolk and dare I say it, actual whores, who need those scholarships and business contracts to get off the pole.

And yes. That is the Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, the most repugnant pimp I could think of.

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