Barack pads his delegate resume

Barack Obama getting lunch at Johnny J’s Restaurant in Wyoming, March 7th. (Associated Press)

Barack Obama won Wyoming. Solidly. Coming in at 59 percent to Clinton’s 40 percent. While I’m sure someone out of Hillary Clinton’s camp will remind me that Wyoming totally doesn’t count for many different reasons, especially considering this was a caucus, it doesn’t really matter.

He won.

He also won Texas, but I doubt the Big O will be getting any of that mojo back that Hillary was able to scuttle off with Tuesday.

But a win’s a win, no matter how you “spin” it. Every delegate closer is another delegate nearer to the nomination (and farther away from the opposition).

Speaking of the opposition, I don’t know what she was doing today. But Barack has tried to downplay all Hillary’s tag team talk.

From the Associated Press:

Clinton has hinted recently that if she wins the nomination she would consider sharing the ticket with Obama. But in an interview Friday in Wyoming with KTVQ-TV, a CBS affiliate based in Billings, Mont., Obama shied away from that possibility.

“Well, you know, I think it’s premature. You won’t see me as a vice presidential candidate — you know, I’m running for president,” Obama told the television station. “We have won twice as many states as Senator Clinton, and have a higher popular vote, and I think we can maintain our delegate count.

“What I am really focused on right now, because all that stuff is premature, is winning this nomination and changing the country. I think that’s what people here are concerned about.”

4 thoughts on “Barack pads his delegate resume

  1. There you go Barack. Just keep reading the black snob. I mean: why would you run for a VP. No “hijacking” to take place today.

  2. Really, it’s reminiscent of her post-debate comment, “Whatever happens, we’ll be fine”. She’s trying to talk down to him again. ~I do not for one moment believe that a Clinton will settle for VP! Settle??…to a younger, darker-skinned, less-experienced male? Give. Me. A. Break. Can you really see Bill Clinton as the VP’s spouse? Nuh-unh.Make no mistake: Clinton wants the offer. She wants it so that she can turn it down(!). Then, she will wholeheartedly elaborate on whatever-the-h*ll international, foreign service portfolio she accepts. I’m confident that Ob won’t fall for this poopa ^_^.Instead, he will go with someone like John Edwards. Yes, Johnny’s someone he may have to rein in occasionally, but that’s something Obama’s good at. Plus, Edwards will occasionally “speak Obama’s mind” so that he doesn’t have to. Also, Edwards’ name is already-known and they want to get on with the business of the election. Get it? Win-win-win. ~In other news, Ob’s former foreign policy advisor Samantha Powers definitely had enough media experience to know better. It’s not what she said or didn’t say that was wrong, but the fact that she said it.I don’t know whether or not she should have been canned. I do know that if it had been me, they would have dumped my a**.

  3. The crazy thing is that Wyoming has like 5 people in the whole state. This was truly an insignificant victory for the Oba-maniacs. We still have 8 more months of this non sense. God help us all, because there are bigger things to worry about than this election.Great post, though!

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