Young, Black and Fabulous is reporting that my Flo-Mo hometown girl is bringing her not-black-black-ass to St. Louis to host Fashion Week later this month.

St. Louis is not known for its fashion sense. (Is a Cardinals cap with a Budweiser shirt and black sweatpants a fashion statement?) But the city is still trying to throw down a serious fashion week. I wasn’t too excited about it at first, but now that I know Kimora Lee Simmons and her tackilicious reality show is coming to town, well this, this I gotta see!

I’ve already regaled my readers a-many o’ times about how Kimora is from my native St. Louis and grew up in Florissant, Mo. where I spent my high school years. I think my mother once met her mother and I think I had a hairdresser who knew her mother, but that was the closest I ever got to her. I’ve followed her career since she hit it big as a teenager and was shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you!) when all the hype was taken away and she was just as tacky and crazy as every other Negro in St. Louis.

I should not have been surprised by this, but I’d already put in my head at 15 that she was some classy high fashion model, not a tacky person doing a bad impression of a classy person with a garish handbag. But jokes aside, I still like her. Yeah, she’s arrogant and abusive and kind of insane. But if I still openly claim other questionable people known for their mix of the “high and ghetto” (Prince, Whitney Houston, Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey, etc.), I can still love Kimora. So maybe I’ll make an effort to crash fashion week and say hello. I know she’ll just ignore me and scream out who let in the loud, pushy black woman who keeps correcting her grammar, but I’ve got a better chance at meeting her than Prince.

He snuck in and out of those concerts in a box, people. A box.

I never had a chance.

7 thoughts on “Fabulous!

  1. I too live in st.louis(south side right by south grand) and am happy kimora is coming to pop things off for fashion week. To hell with her being loud, tacky and just pure annoying. As long as she brings the cameras along I’m good…

  2. “He snuck in and out of those concerts in a box, people. A box.”*snort* Well you know he isn’t but “this” big. He fit into the box handily. He does give good show tho’ doesn’t he?I’ll admit to a certain facsination for the self-absorbed Kimora. Some of the stuff that falls out of her mouth is just too funny. It’s unfortunate that its never the stuff that she means to be actually humorous.

  3. 1990: There’s nothing wrong with being tackilicious as long as Kimora doesn’t turn her talons on me. Plus I think it’s a good thing when St. Louis get some positive attention. We’re always getting labeled murder capital of the world and stuff when all the drama is really just a few neighborhoods, not the entire city and not the county.ac: I know Prince is tiny, but I felt kinda robbed to know that while was watching the grips wheel black boxes under the stage Prince was in one of those boxes, chillin’ before the show.I’m a total Prince freak. I love his crazy ass. I was so glad when he stopped coming to California on this Purple Rain anniversary tour, but I saw him three times, in Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Fresno.The Bakersfield and Fresno shows were the best, especially Fresno since I was in the seventh row.remorji: Sure you can link! Link away!

  4. Alright, HO-LUP, who you calling tacky and crazy??? Just kidding. Crazy–I can be, when warranted; tacky, never.I’m a Normandy babe myself. I adore my mom and dad like there is no tomorrow, but you couldn’t pay me enough to move back to St. Louis.Kimora was actually cool to follow back when she was modeling for Chanel (before she got big and became quite full of herself). I also used to think she was quite classy and regal. But then–not quite sure what happened. Ms. Perkins went to Lutheran North for high school, didn’t she? I *think* she did. I still claim Whitney too–used to think she was an amazing class act. But then, she disintegrated. I absolutely love that ghetto “Hell-to-tha-naw”…

  5. black snob, I have to respectably disagree with you. All the drama is not just limited to certain areas in the city. There is also “drama” going on in North County since that’s where they’re pushing all the black people to. Places like Berkely,Spanish Lake, Normandy(no offense Tamra), oh, and how can I forget, Meachem Park.And wasn’t it just a couple of months ago when they had to put some public schools out in the county on lock down because a bunch of kids started bringing knives and guns to school.

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