Would the Dysons please shut up?

Authors, social activists and ministers Michael Eric Dyson and his wife Marcia Dyson quite famously are having a little “marital” spat. It seems Hubby Dyson is for Obama. Wifey Dyson is for Clinton. What to do, what to do?

I know! We’ll keep use this as a gimmick to get us on MSNBC and CNN all the time arguing with one another, hence getting us more attention, hence selling us more books!

The Dysons have been on MSNBC’s Hardball several times and were on CNN both yesterday and today. I’ll give the power couple the benefit of a doubt that maybe they really do disagree on who should be the Democratic nominee. Why not? A lot of people are split. But the cynic in me smells manufactured foolishness contrived by two very intelligent, media savvy people.

I mean, they’re too delicious to resist. A prominent black married couple, both intelligent, both opinionated and articulate arguing over the first black man/white woman show down in the Democratic presidential nomination.

I’m just saying I think this is a little contrived. Just a smidge. So please, Dysons. Shut the hell up. I don’t want to hear you fake fight on the TV. And if you’re not faking. I don’t want to hear your real fight on TV. I know you’re just doing it to pimp your profiles.

12 thoughts on “Would the Dysons please shut up?

  1. I know…Right! I was thinking this when they first started this routine on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and I thought WTF! I didn’t know they took their act to the small screen. (sigh)

  2. My friend and I also heard them on Tom Joyner (I’m in the South right now). I had no idea it was them till I read this post, cause I didn’t hear them introduced….we were both like “wtf is this?”I really hope that’s not the same act they do on TV; yelling over each other. Who wants to see that?

  3. invisible woman: They totally do the same shtick. Screaming at each other usually with Eric in the studio and Marcia from a remote location on satellite. It’s just ridiculous. And all their rationales are so convoluted and unintelligible that you’d think both Hillary and Barack would be, “Thanks, but no thanks.”On top of that, Eric, even when I agree with him, irritates me because he talks so fast and is fond of tossing out ten-cent words at a pace that would make Twista take pause.I think they might be trying to give Jesse n’ Al a run for their overexposure money.

  4. People need to stop w/the damn shenanigans already. Dyson is a smart man, but too full of hip-hop wannabe coolness. Stop it for the love of God.

  5. Danielle: I just don’t get the talking fast. Why the talking fast, Rev. Eric? And why the yelling at each other? The Hillary-Obama Dem fight already sounds like a marriage heading for divorce all on its lonesome. I don’t need an actual dramatization of that act playing out in front of a confused, and possibly frightened, Don Lemon.

  6. I agree. They bore me no end and for two very bright people they both make exremely shallow cases for each of their candidates.I think I know the answer to why Danielle is noticing what she does about Michael Eric Dyson. I see the same thing with Cornel West. Both of them are a little insecure that Skip Gates and Anthony Appiah are better scholars so Dyson and West differentiate themselves with shtick and publicity.

  7. Lol! I guess they feel like they are interesting enough individually so they have to make up an act. Don’t tell nobody (okay you can lol) but I totally have a crush of Micheal Eric Dyson – I don’t care if he is trying too hard to be cool – this man is sexy! :p

  8. Yes! For the love of Douglass please shut these two up! Mr. Dyson has annoyed me since the first time I heard him, now his wife has joined the act. Boooo, again.I think they’re trying to be an all blue version of Carville and Matalin — who also are pretty annoying.Whenever I see this guy on TV I’m reminded of that quote by Abe Lincoln: “He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.”

  9. I’m with Danielle about the Dysons–but let’s not just stop there. A lot of the black intellectual elite have gone the way of “hip-hop wannabe coolness.”It’s so transparent. –And disgusting.

  10. It seems like quite few black intellectuals ripped off the same idea at the same time with Michael Eric Dyson, Cornell West and the (original) hip hop intellectual, ex-MTV Real Worlder Kevin Powell.At least Kevin is part of that generation who grew up listening to Doug E. Fresh and Cool Moe Dee. When Cornell West does it just smacks of desperation.Not that I’m big on Kevin Powell anymore as he too can be prone to ridiculousness, but I usually give him a pass because he was the first black man to get screwed over by this roommates on The Real World. The original “angry black man” on the show.Plus, I had a crush on him way back then. But I upgraded to Aaron McGruder years ago.

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