Super Tuesday Part II Watching

With 11:34 PM UPDATE!

I’m in the midst of live blogging for my new gig and I’m listening to Hillary Clinton’s victory speech in Ohio and I started snickering when the crowd chanted “Yes, she will,” later followed by Hillary shouting at them, “Yes, we will!”

What is this? Is this Democratic race turning into the 1980s Cola wars where everyone’s co-opting everyone else’s brands? Coke and Pepsi cans are in the same color scheme but Pepsi has a blue stripe? Coke creates New Coke because they think people prefer the sweeter taste of Pepsi, which almost leads to the collapse of the Coca-Cola corporation?

I get that she’s happy she won Ohio. Great. But can’t you bother to come up with your own damn slogans? I know that none of the one’s Mark Penn came up with were very “sexy,” but maybe you should consider Tina Fey’s “Bitches get stuff done” brand.

Or “Clinton: You Already Know What You’re Getting Into.”

Or my personal favorite, “Paybacks’ A Bitch and I’m One Too!

You don’t even have to give me credit, Hillary.

Side note: Michelle and Barack have come out to concede Ohio. He’s doing the “Yes we can” thing. While I’m somewhat disappointed that the Ohio loss means that I have to watch more and more rounds of “who’s a sexist/who’s a bigot,” everyone’s-pissed-off-all-the-time drama, I have to say for the second time today, Michelle looks resplendent. She’s wearing a black dress with a short, long-sleeved jacket with a sharp, just-below-the-knee length dress with a split in the front. Fierce.

Must. Find. Pictures.

UPDATE: Found them!

These pictures, from Reuters and AP, aren’t the best. Probably because they were just posted half an hour ago. But they’ll do until better, higher quality one’s pop-up on the net.

9 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Part II Watching

  1. Now tha was funny, whats the new gig sista, and have feeling u would make a great partner in crime im loking for a michele obama let me stop, but d tell about the new gig…im just laughing now, u know the negroes gone be made in the am over texas and ohio

  2. barack & michelle obama are like superheros. i love this couple, hot to the end! I am disappointed for Barack Obama of course after just reading about the Clinton wins. especially the Ohio thing.In England, we are given the view that Ohio matters the most and that winning Ohio means that you will win the nom.

  3. Barack has more delegates. Yes we can! He gave a speech stating the world is watching how America does it’s business. And so far the rest of the world sees how racist and gender bigoted we are. Who do you think the world leaders will want to negotiate with in the long run? HRC may win in the short run, but with her attitude she can’t make it in the long run.(shame on her for not giving attribution to Barack at her Ohio speech: no class! No she will not!!!and Yes we can!

  4. While I think these wins will be big for getting some of the “Clinton sux” stories off the TV for a few days, I’m not sure what her game plan would be other than to try to get some of her super delegates back and win enough contests so that neither of them have 2,024 delegates and take this to the convention.Which would be the “nuclear” option.This will be a test to find out what the Clintons love more – themselves or the party.Also, if neither of them hit 2,024 I think there will be more pressure for a joint presidential ticket in order to keep the feminists and the Negroes from murdering on another.A “kumbaya” ticket.I still don’t know of a black man/white woman ticket can win even if the black man is the most charismatic candidate since JFK and the white woman’s last name is “Clinton.”But this will be interesting fo’ sure.

  5. @the black snob, you hit the nail on the head when you wrote: “I still don’t know of a black man/white woman ticket can win even if the black man is the most charismatic candidate since JFK and the white woman’s last name is “Clinton.”—He is very charismatic. Hillary is like a political robot.

  6. I never get tired of looking at the Obama’s. We still have a long road ahead of us. I’m not counting Barack out and I won’t until the fat lady sings.

  7. I will vote for Nader before I vote for Clinton or McCain.The very thought of four more years of seeing and hearing Billary makes me want to acquire a crystal meth habit.I heart Michelle Obama.

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