Super Tuesday II Hangover

Image from Huffington Post, which has the headline “Staying Alive.” The Bee Gees would be proud:

Man, o-man is The Snob tired.

I was up until almost 1 am because I wanted to catch the rebroadcast of “The Daily Show” at midnight and ended up sticking around to watch most of the “Colbert Report.”

But enough about me. What the hell happened last night? The CNN was reporting that the black folks showed up but apparent it was the same (or less some report) than the amount that came out in 2004. Papa Snob, who is a native Texan, said Texas has a system in place meant to skewer the vote and make it difficult for black people to vote. Hence that whole Prarie View A&M drama.

Polling stations ran out of ballots. Tons of people couldn’t caucus or vote because Texan election officials didn’t accommodate for the surge of voters.

Sayeth Papa Snob this morning:

You can say you have all the people there that’s going to vote there, but they don’t vote. That’s why it kept inching up there for (Clinton). Even the Mexicans find a way to get to the polls. Everyone kept waiting for all those votes in Houston and Dallas to come in, but she kept on inching up … but you can’t get out the vote because them white folks are slicker than you.

Mind you, Papa Snob is not referring to all white folks, but the electorate power structure in every state that tends to never fix voting problems in the cities and in black districts. That every time a vote is close the stations are undermanned, in cramped quarters and magically doesn’t have enough ballots.

But racist chicanery aside, I was surprised that MSNBC and CNN called it for Clinton around 11:30 PM considering that they were still counting up ballots in Houston where Obama’s support was the strongest. But you know, if the CNN sez it, it must be true!

So this morning I got up to see what the printed press was saying. This morning’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch with its Washington Bureau Chief Bill Lambrecht reporting:

(A)fter a month-long drought, Hillary Rodham Clinton must decide how fiercely to wage a spring offensive against unforgiving odds that could scar Barack Obama in a fall campaign.

The print edition of the Post-Dispatch went to bed before the Texas results came in so the big headline only mentions Ohio and Rhode Island. But for the Clinton camp, these two wins are huge because even though mathematically she can’t reach the magic delegate number of 2,024, neither can Barack Obama. He’ll likely have the lead, but the popular vote is going to be very close.

Because of this (or in spite of it) Clinton was dropping some hints at a shared ticket – with her in the catbird seat, of course.

Asked on CBS’s “The Early Show” whether she and Obama should be on the same ticket, Clinton said:

“That may be where this is headed, but of course we have to decide who is on the top of ticket. I think the people of Ohio very clearly said that it should be me.”

Obama, who had hoped to knock Clinton out of the race on Tuesday, said he would prevail despite facing a tenacious candidate who “just keeps on ticking.” Clinton acknowledged the race was close and said it would come down to her credentials on national security and the economy.

I still don’t know about a Hillary/Obama ticket. It still think America has enough sexism and racism that they’re both going to need some white man to be their VP. (Chris Dodd? Joe Biden? Jim Webb? Colin Powell? Wait. That’s a black guy. But he’s a black guy white folks like!) Hillary also pulled another “Full Ginsburg” this morning. Keith Olbermann reported last night on MSNBC that she was going to be on all the morning shows. All. From network to cable. Even the inane FOX n’ Friends.

CNN’s commentators went all bipolar on Hillary. All week long they’ve been repeating the mantra that this time Hillary really is dead. Then she comes back like Freddie Krugar and all of a sudden they were chattering about how she could seize the nomination.

Now you all know the disdain I have for TV pundits. Mostly because most of them are party operatives with a few “neutrals” thrown in. It irritates me when people who consider themselves to be legitimate press do the punditry thing because it basically leaves people to speculate that you have a dog in that fight. That was part of the reason why I mistakenly took Roland Martin for a pro-Obama supporter. When you’re sitting in a room with Amy Holmes (conservative analyst), Bill Bennett (conservative radio host) and Paul Begala (Democratic strategist) it’s pretty easy to confuse who has a dog in the fight and who doesn’t.

Basically I’m saying, if you lie down with pundits you will be covered in bias.

That said, everyone was a flutter, save that one Conservative Hispanic analyst who’s name I cannot recall. From declaring her all but dead earlier this week, now they were all flush with Hillary excitement chattering about how she could secure the nomination. Carl Bernstein tried to be the wet blanket at CNN to remind that she still couldn’t get enough delegates to win outright.

But The Snob sez that doesn’t matter. Because Obama won’t have 2,024 delegates either by the end of this campaign.

This thing is likely going to end with Obama at an advantage but not the magic number to secure his bid. And this means the Clintons will go all the way, math be damned, unless something happens to change their minds.

Because of this, experts argue. Obama needs to get better at fending off cuts of condemnation: the Canada thing (a pro-Hillary pundit argued that if Clinton had a staffer go off the reservation she would have fired him to kill the story), the attack on his foreign policy credentials, the “is he or is he not a Muslim” ass-holiness and the Rezko albatross the Clinton camp has tried to put around Obama’s neck and strangle him with it.

From the Associated Press:

Her success Tuesday night came after she put a series of hits on Obama. She ran TV ads that questioned his foreign policy credentials — one that pointed out he didn’t call hearings on the fight against terrorists in Afghanistan and another fear-inducing piece that depicted her as the best candidate to handle an
international crisis that erupts at 3 a.m. when your children are asleep.

Her campaign tried to raise more questions about Obama’s connections to an indicted fundraiser as he went on the trail. Clinton said Obama tried to pull the old “wink-wink” by talking tough on free trade in Ohio while secretly reassuring Canadians that he is no protectionist.

“He needs to figure out a way to respond quicker without being trapped into sort of the politics of squabbling,” said Democratic consultant Jenny Backus. “She slowed him down tonight by throwing a bunch of inside the beltway arguments over him, and it took him a day too long to get out from underneath it.”

With seven weeks until Pennsylvania, there’s plenty of time for the race to get even uglier.

And if the race drags on, it may not just be Clinton. Even as he was ahead with 11 straight wins leading into Tuesday, Obama made some of his toughest critiques yet of Clinton, and those are only likely to increase as he tries to force her out of the race.

“They need to run their own race, but they need to be able to turn the focus back to her,” Backus said.

Several pundits on TV, and in my family, have deduced that the Clintons will pimp the “Obama can’t win big states” storyline to win back wavering Dems. The Huffington Post is reporting that Obama will go negative to vanquish Hillary’s Kevlar pantsuit of doom. They list several quotes from different sources that alluded to the Obama camp charging against Hillary’s claims of foreign policy expertise, her Commander-in-chief credentials and Clinton’s reluctance to open up the books on her finances and the funding behind the Clinton Presidential Library.

From HuffPo:

The Obama camp appears to be laying ground for pushing back against Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign attacks, even if that means taking a negative approach themselves. The difficulty, as has been noted in the past, is maintaining the positive approach that has dominated his campaign while still drawing contrast with the Clintons.

Obama campaign manager David Axelrod claimed last night:

“If Sen. Clinton wants to take the debate to various places, we’ll join that debate. We’ll do it on our terms and in our own way but if she wants to make issues like ethics and disclosure and law firms and real estate deals and all that stuff issues, as I’ve said before I don’t know why they’d want to go there, but I guess that’s where they’ll take the race.”


You know some folks talk about “Clinton Fatigue,” but I think I have election fatigue. I totally hope that this post was coherent because I am EXHAUSTED. Between the Obamamania and the Clinton surge, the mind reels. I feel bad for the young folk and blacks who were discouraged by Texas’ rigged voting system, but I hope they don’t lose faith in the process. This is one of the best storyline’s to come out of the election, blacks and young people standing up to be counted and taking an active part in the political process.

In 1996, I was among the few of my peers who was excited about casting a ballot in that campaign. My family votes. We don’t go to church, but we vote. We bitch about politics and the government, but we still vote. I respect people’s right not to vote, but voting and the Summer Olympics are the only things I truly am patriotic for. Just as I curse and damn the US swim team when they come in for the bronze in the men’s butterfly, I go militant over our right to vote. Maybe because it was denied to black people for so long. Maybe it was because when our country was founded even the founding fathers didn’t trust a popular vote, creating the electoral college to “save” the election in case the white male landowners who had the right to vote picked the “wrong” candidate.

So keep the faith, people. I’ll be praying that the Dems do not fuck this up.

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  1. I’m done with listening to all the “white noise” no pun intended. I’m tired, tired and tired of the bull that MSM media continue to toss out. Not a real journalist among them; gassed up spin doctors full of hot air with no critical analysis @ all.I’m just done.

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