Cheer Up Obamamaniacs!

Since my brain is toast from my Super Tuesday part deaux watching, let’s all focus on something shallow.

Is my Florissant, Mo. homegirl turned golddigger, turned fierce sceintologist (seriously, I just don’t see her dedicating herself to this unless it involves Balenciaga and Prada), too much for her outfit? I mean, you can’t really see all of it because she’s all hugged up on Djamon Honsu, but it looks like she’s wearing a slip with a super tight strap holding the top up.

Eh, she’s like more than 6 feet tall. I’ll let her have her fun. Party on, not-black-black-person!

2 thoughts on “Cheer Up Obamamaniacs!

  1. lmao @ ‘not-black-black person’kimora is brill. love her & djimon cos he is a beninois repping us africans! this couple are officially the cutest black couple, beating beyonce & ja-z.

  2. Djamon is sexy. I’d be hugged up on him too. Especially considering her ex is the not sexy, but rich, short Russell Simmons. He’s like the Woody Allen of hip hop only he’s not Jewish and he’s not very funny on purpose.Not on purpose Russ is hilarious.

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