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Oh my goodness! Michelle-maniacs, did ya’ll see her on the stump in Houston yesterday? Not only was she hitting them out of the park with her Obama presidency sales pitch she was, as Tyra Banks would say, “fierce!”

One. I love, love, love her hair this way. Much more than the killer flip she normally rocks. It’s sleek and matches the simplicity of this suit. It looks like it was designed by her favorite Chicago area haberdasher Maria Pinto. It has her style of graceful minimalism. It’s all so simple, yet rendered utterly fabulous by the little flare at her waist and the use of a zipper instead of buttons or hook and eye closures.

I totally want that suit. If she makes it to the White House designer Maria Pinto is going to hit the big time because women, especially hard workin’, church-loving black women are going to want those suits. Hell, they want them now. I can see the pastor’s wife now going, “I gotta get me one of them Michelle Obama’s. If I was dressing up to meet Jesus, that’s the suit I want to be wearing.”

7 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Watch

  1. Michelle Obama for Ruler of The World! She is just all kinds of wonderful. I can’t get enough of her. She’s her husbands greatest asset.

  2. I don’t know if I am the only Black Snob fan who lives on a little Island in the Pacific Northwest and is an aging white hippy boomer who never sold out which only boils down to the fact that I do not have a TV and can not afford DSL – (I am a political junkie so do go over to somebody’s house when I need TV like tonight). Just as an FYI tech thing though, yesterday, I don’t know if it was the video footage or what, I do post You Tube stuff on my own blog but trying to load your blog was more than my mini mac with dial-up could take. Luckily I had a slow day at the Whale Museum and could read your blog at work because I am a dedicated fan now. This morning was easier I clicked on Black Snob then went to take my shower and came back to see this fabulous suit which I thank you for posting. Because I don’t have TV I am relying on you. You are fabulous!PS Al and Jesse can have my children.(just kidding, I don’t have any kids)Please keep it coming.Peggy Sue

  3. Yes indeed and they will have to come in “Plus Sizes”I love this blog…I came over from Kelso’s Nuts and Raw dawg buffalo…where you are loved and raved about!!!!!!All deserved!

  4. This is tough! Michelle is just to sharp…I’m can’t even think of any adjectives to describe how I’m feeling right now. Yes she can!!

  5. Back in the 80s, my grandmothers Links chapter was invited to the White House twice, both times when Regan was in office. On both occasions, Nancy told my grandmother that she loved her suit and that she also owned it as well. Honestly, I didnt know whether to be impressed or disgusted with the knowledge that my Nana dressed like Nancy Regan. They did look alike: teeny little women with big heads and big hair. Eh, well, I guess its ok, theyre from the same generation, lol.L

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