Michelle Obama dresses better than you

The Michelle Obama Fashion Retrospective, part II

Secrets to Michelle’s unique fashions REVEALED! (Courtesy of Snob reader Sandra W. and the Wall Street Journal)

Her name is Maria Pinto (pictured with Michelle above) and she is the woman behind many of the possible First Lady’s signature looks. The bell sleeves, the tailored suits, the simple color palettes, all created by a Chicago-based designer who will open her first boutique in the “windy city,” June 2008 according to blog “Runway to Retail.”

The shop is to be located in the West Loop at 133 N. Jefferson St., neighboring Sepia restaurant. I write this because A LOT of blog traffic has come my way by people desperate to read more about Michelle and her clothes. I thought I was the only one curious, but apparently the chic, simple look Michelle’s rocking has folks clamoring for her clothes. So once I got a name it was easy to find out everything you ever wanted know now about the clothes Michelle rocks and the woman behind the designs.

Pinto described her style in Chicago Magazine as, “Feminine with some punch. My signature look for day is always a crazy combination of a great lace skirt or a laser-cut leather skirt, a Diesel T-shirt, and always an inspiring piece of jewelry. This combination lifts my spirits, has comfort and fantasy, and gets me through my day.”

Writes Runway to Retail:

Pinto’s luxurious designs have been a mainstay on Chicago’s elite, including Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, the stylish wife of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who is often photographed in a Maria Pinto design. Now shoppers will be able to have access to her beautiful ready-to-wear collection with an inviting new shopping experience. “The store will be a natural extension of my atelier,” said Maria Pinto. “My collections are known for well-edited luxury; each garment incorporates innovative materials and sophisticated tailoring from beginning to end. This attention to detail will be reflected in the environment of the retail space from the moment a client walks through the door.”

Boy. Makes me wish I was rich. And I wonder, did Oprah hip Michelle to Pinto? The mind reels at the notion. But it would make sense. A First Lady prospect needs to look her best and Oprah’s unabashedly pro-Obama, and it’s likely she was pro-Obama long before Obamamania was new and may have slipped Michelle a card.

Here’s a sampling of Pinto’s spring collection. The designer’s style should feel highly familiar to all Michelle Obama watchers.

And now for another look at Michelle Obama, dressing better than The Snob. (To see previous retrospective click here.)

The Fearless Fashionista

Afraid of wearing white? Most women are, but not Michelle Obama. She’s fearless, donning white tons of time without concern which is mind-numbing considering she’s the mother of two daughters who are
probably quite “handsy” as they’re still at that “mommy look what I made” sticky fingers age. But just like she’s not afraid to go out on the stump for Barack, go to battle with his detractors (she’s talking about you, Bill) or glare down her own tormentors, and that’s you, Ms. Cindy McCain who blinked and hid the minute someone called you on your “proud of your country” slam. You weren’t proud enough to man up on Michelle Obama, but I can’t blame her. Michelle, as lovely as she is, looks like she would cut a bitch … while wearing white.

First two pictures above from Vanity Fair magazine shoots for a piece on the Obama campaign in 2007.

Rocking the Stump

When you’re out there Tammy Wynetting you’re not just representing yourself, but a whole movement united behind your husband, future POTUS, the real David Palmer (only your spouse still wuvs you). So what do you wear? Lots of black belts, houndstooth, pinstripes, shirt dresses and conservative, but fashionable suits. Her closet must be crammed with clothes, although that black belt seems to be a favorite of hers. She’s wearing it in three of the following nine photos.

The Night Time is the Right Time to Look Hotter Than Everyone Else

If you don’t believe me that Michelle has her clothes skills on point, just get a look at her when she turns resplendent in the evening. The lights go low and the cameras start flashing and a star is born. With her 5’11” super model height she dares to straighten up and throw those shoulders back, announcing to the world, “Make way! The future First Lady has arrived!”

This pictures also cement that, dare I say it, Michelle and Barack are an amazingly good looking couple. I mean, seriously. One can only wish for that level of intelligence and hotness in one relationship.

At a Chicago charity event in 2005

At a BET event.

Michelle in a satin light blue with her brother Craig Robinson at a charity event in 2007

These are from 2007’s NAACP Image Awards courtesy of Snob reader Nonie.

35 thoughts on “Michelle Obama dresses better than you

  1. I LOVE her! –For both her style and her intellect. She represents us well. [I noticed the other night that one of the little ones was rocking a Burberry scarf with her little coat…]

  2. I want her as First Lady so bad…it’s ridiculous. I LOVE HER!!Yes, I drank Michelle Kool-Aid LONG before I came around to Barack.

  3. Yeah, I’m kind of a fan of Michelle too. She rocks. I’d be pushing for her to be president if her equally capable, handsome husband wasn’t running.Her level of awesomeness is beyond measurement and if she becomes First Lady, God willing, I will totally devote an even larger portion off my blog to Michelle Obama Watch. Michelle with WHOM! Michelle doing WHAT! Michelle WHERE! And of course, what is she wearing? How are the girls? Has she and Barack figured out a way to cure BET of the syphilis that went to the network’s brain a long time ago? I will be that kind of fan. I will want to know and report on these things.

  4. I love the way Barack looks at his wife. He looks like he’s the luckiest guy in the world!

  5. Yes she is sharp! The news has nothing to report: why not report on Michelle…but noooooooooo…she’s beautiful, she’s smart and stylish too boot….but nooooooooo…there is no news here: what’s up with the media???When she is first lady…maybe she’ll inspire the fashion industry to get rid of the hoochieee clothes. Lovin Michelle: my role model and sheroe.

  6. Ummm I dont care how many designers try to dress her up, her face and hair look a shitty mess in some of those pictures. Truth.

  7. She may be a low-maintenance makeup lady, but she is still beautiful in every shot.This is a picture-perfect American family. I will be honored to see them in the White House. 🙂

  8. I think she is a badddd sister girl. Tall and statuesque, brilliant, and still looks like she packs a SHANK….I loves it. I would take her as the first lady of my HOA…. she just brings it everytime. Gorgeous!

  9. Okay seriously, for the past two weeks I have been searching and printing out picks of her style. It has the perfect (at least in my opinion) of professionalism and funk. I call it “classy chic”. I am in the corporate world and I am in the stage (25 y/o) where I still want to be hip, but professional. I also love tailored preppy looks. Love the post!!!

  10. Love, love Michelle and Michelle’s clothes. Are you going to post a link to Maria Pinto’s website?

  11. Michelle Obama has such great style, the dress she wore this morning on the view I have as well. I got it at White House Black Market at the Atlas Park shopping center in Queens.

  12. Hello there!I too loooove Michelle’s wardrobe. It’s perfect for her height and stature! Michelle shows that less is more.Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!LisaYou are invited to stop by my blog and share as often as you’d like! My door is always open!! (smiles)

  13. I love all the clothes she’s wearing in these photos but man, I didn’t understand that dress she wore at the VP announcement in Springfield. No, no, no.

  14. Help me somebody! Whose dress was Michelle O wearing last night (during Bill Clinton’s speech)? I mean the dark blue one with the visible zipper (Narciso Rodriguez does those) and the big brooches around the neck. I want it! Whose is it, PLEASE??!!!

  15. I am a Barack Obama supporter but I am a Michelle Obama supporter also, separately. She was his best kept secret. I am loving seeing her out there doing her thing too. The Senator has been criticized for being somewhat aloof, but he appears far from aloof when Michelle is by his side. His demeanor changes. He looks and acts more relaxed. And the PDA’s between these two have become must see TV. That sounds a little shallow in such a serious time, but I have to tell you that after the Nashville debate the local debate party attendees were a buzz about these two not the debate itself. People were waiting with baited breath for the customary after debate hug, kiss and hand holding. Yes it sounds a little shallow but in these tough times and with the nasty turn the election campaigning has taken these two are making people smile. Lord knows we need that.

  16. Isn’t it nice that she can dress so white and not get called out for it. She will make a great house negro in Washingtons. I wonder if they can put spinnah’s on Marine One.

  17. For someone with such great style, the red & black dress Michelle Obama wore on election night was a horrible choice. It looked like it was made from velvet, satin, spandex and Elmo muppet fur. Not only was it unbelievably ugly, it was terribly unflattering.

  18. “Too bad she will be First Lady – first over ignorant and uneducated people.”Well at least you recognize that she is the first lady over an uneducated and ignorant fool like you.

  19. Have to say that Mrs. Obama has always appeared well dressed until last night. What was she thinking? Perhaps a few celebration drinks prior to dressing? The dress was terrible!Please honey never wear that thing again!

  20. Her election night dress was rather unfortunate, but I think we can allow her one misstep in her years of generally impeccable and elegant style. Do you think the Obama family was sporting a lot of red on election night as a symbol of political cooperation? I don't think that could have been completely coincidental, considering how thoughtfully the entire campaign was run. Also, I think it's fantastic that although Michelle has great style, she spent her $ and sported many budget styles, such as H&M as opposed to spending $150,00+++ convention money on her looks. You know what they say about people who spend a lot to look real cheap. Well, Michelle can spend a little and look real chic. Her elegance comes from her person.

  21. You can all look at her through rose colered glasses, if you wish, just as you look at her husband but she is horrible, has a terrible figue, and has no fashion sense whatsoever. I mean really are you all blind or just stupid… both apply.

  22. You’re trolling me right? This woman, if I may be so bold to call her that, has absolutely no fashion sense at all. I’ve seen homeless people dress nicer than her. Her figure and monstrous mouth destroy any hope she could ever possibly have to be considered even somewhat attractive.

  23. I wish Michelle could get a fashion stylist. Her clothes look like they are meant for someone older. They tend to be frumpy, old looking & not figure flattering at all. With her visibility, I want her to look good at all times. That unattractive election night red & black dress will be a part of history in pictures forever, unfortunately. A sleek well fitted suit would have been perfect. A well fitted/draped dress with heels would have worked, too. She should wear heels as they are more flattering for a long lean look, and keep her legs gently crossed to offset her bow legs. I hope that they can help her with the girls' clothing and hair styles as well. On Monday when Barack took them to school their hair was uncombed. On election night, Michelle's Mom was flawless -head to toe. Please help Michelle and the girls.

  24. I was wondering why no one out there in media land or even fashion sense land has pointed out that the dress Michelle Obama wore onto stage the night BO won the election – resembles the outfit a female black widow spider wears – all black with a red hour glass shape on the belly? It was the first thing that came to mind for me and I’m not sure that I am that observant but it did seem incredibly obvious.

  25. She always looks classy and amazing and I love that it always looks like Barack adores her. very sweet.

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