CBS gives it the FOX touch

I don’t know if it’s the low ratings or the fact that they laid off some folks awhile back, but … um, CBS News? Your bias is showing.

Wow. No one will mistake these people for “Dan Rather” liberals. I only say this though because of how Hillary Clinton’s “Fact Check” piece went.

Gee? Notice a difference. Hmm … maybe CBS felt guilty because of all the attention, negative or otherwise, they’d given Sen. Clinton, but methinks that’s not it.

Recently CBS took an amazingly right wing slant on a FISA update story.

The reporter, Bob Orr, chalked everything up to “partisan” caterwauling. He didn’t go into any depths about how this was all being held up by the Republicans who are refusing to acquiesce immunity for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and the rest of the telecom giants. That this “endangering” of America is all so the telecoms can’t be sued. Of course if they haven’t broken the law why would anyone be suing? Unless the government, by process of elimination, is saying, “Yeah, we broke the law.”

The story also flubbed all over the fact that the White House’s threats were one big mulligan by failing to report that only the Protect America Act, which caused this telecom nightmare, would be affected and that FISA is still in effect. That existing wiretaps are still being monitored and that the original version of FISA worked fine from 2002 (after 9/11) until 2006, so say several former and current Bush Administration officials.

So basically George W. and Co. are asking us to just “trust them” when they say that they’ll only look at the “terrorist” data, ignoring the fact that the telecoms don’t give them solely the terrorist data.

They give them everything.

But none of that really came up in CBS’s report. No civil liberties issues. No really pissed of Libertarians. No people with legitimate concerns, just Katie Couric n’ the gang chalkin’ it all up to “partisan bickering” instead of partisan cock blocking to protect the president, the White House, the NSA and the Telecom’s from having to admit that, “hey, we might have done something illegal” and “hey, we might have to go to jail for this.”


But the Obama thing is pretty alarming considering for months it’s been nothing but kid gloves at CBA with the man, and the minute Hillary looks like she’s about to go down for the count the preemptive knives come out. No warning. No nothing, just a lot of “look at that shady black guy with the shady church and the shady dealings with the shady Rezko and what’s Farrakhan doing there? Hey, that looks sinister. And look at these pictures of Barack in creepy apparal from Islmo-fascists R Us.” I half expected them to drain the screen of its color and show Barack walking in slo-mo while that “To Catch A Predator” music under the footage.

I hate being right.

I don’t say out-loud how the press out of sheer boredom will begin to spin rumors and innuendos into truths and out right lies into grand spectacles of entertainment presenting the art of character assassination as theater, I don’t say this because I want these things to come true. I just care so much, far more than I cared during during the Clinton years when eight years of lies and character assassination went on and that was with white people, not with cruel sting of racism overt and covert. It’s not going to get better. I’ve seen this movie before. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but the agents of intolerance will be satisfied with nothing short of unmitigated surrender and suppression and the press will happily film it all, live at 11 for the ratings.

I know that none of this is new. But I never enjoy it. I know what is coming and it rhymes with a “T” and ends in an “e” and it’s being bankrolled by the friends of the Republican National Committee.

Well, if it were easy to get there we’d all be president.

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