Tyra Banks brings the crazy like no other

From Circus Hour:

On last night’s episode of (America’s Next Top Model), Tyra apparently had the contestants pose with homeless youth and emotionally professed that she understood what it’s like to be homeless because — get this — she pretended to be homeless for a day on her talk show.

You know, I totally understand what it’s like to be homeless, too! I was once forced to vacate my dorm over winter break, with nowhere to go for a whole day. I’m shocked my story never became a Lifetime Movie of the Week.

This right here makes me almost wish I hadn’t given up on “America’s Next Top Model” two years ago. This is friggin’ off the wall. Posing with the homeless? Claiming to be down with the homeless because you slummed it for a day on your crappy talk show? That is worse when she wore the fat suit and cried and the actually over weight women on the show had to console her!

And now she’s stealing fashion ideas from “Zoolander?” Attack of the ego! I love you, Tyra, the lowest model of the super models I love totem pole.

FYI: Naomi Campbell and her masterful cell phone throwing skills and her talent for underling abuse is my crazy black supermodel queen.

2 thoughts on “Tyra Banks brings the crazy like no other

  1. Tyra’s comment reminds me of a girl I once worked with. When my mom was dying of cancer, this chick exclaimed, “Oh, my god! I totally know exactly how you feel.” I expressed sympathies for her mother, and she said, “Oh, no. My mom is still alive and well. But I know exactly how you feel, because I’d be so sad if my mom was dying.”

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