“Racism? What racism?” says Europe, yet again

I’m not a big racing fan, NASCAR or otherwise, but I couldn’t avoid feeling all kinds of pissed over the treatment of British Formula One racer and fellow person of color, Lewis Hamilton.

I know that America’s European buddies tend to view the US as a backwards racist behemoth that has oppressed it’s black community for decades. (And that’s true) But at least in America we’re aware that there are racists, much like drunks in racist AA, smoking the cigarettes and drinking the cold coffee of shame.

This is unlike in Europe where people still pull that “it was all in fun” crap on immigrants and minorities crying “you’re too sensitive!”

From The Guardian:

British driver Lewis Hamilton should have expected the taunts he received from Spanish fans during testing earlier this month, according to former team-mate Fernando Alonso.

In an interview last month, Hamilton said Alonso showed him “just how not to behave as a world champion” when the two were team-mates at McLaren last season. But Alonso has told Cadena Ser radio station that Hamilton had no right to say such a thing and that these comments led to the abuse. “The very next week they whistled him in Spain for saying that,” the Spaniard said. “That’s the other face of the situation. If you talk, it’s normal that they whistle.”

Hamilton – fomula one’s first black driver – was abused by spectators shouting racist slurs and wearing dark make-up, black wigs and T-shirts saying “Hamilton’s family” at the Montmelo circuit on February 2. The sport’s governing body the FIA is investigating the incident.

“If in the end it has been done, then you have to condemn it sharply,” Alonso said. But he claimed the reports of racist behaviour had been exaggerated, adding that he was treated harshly by fans in Monza after winning the Italian grand prix last year. “When I did my lap of honour, people were [making obscene gestures],” Alonso said. “That’s sport.”

So it’s HAMILTON’S fault that the SPANIARDS were racist? He somehow asked to have racial epitaphs flung at him including people in black face with afro wigs just because he mildly criticized some other racer? Wow. I mean, wow. So apparently my ancestors wanted to get hung and mutilated. That’s what they get for “existing.” She “deserved” get raped, her skirt was short. He deserved to get mugged for walking in the park at night. Seriously? Blame the victim?

Jeering is fine. Booing is fine. But being racist is crossing the line.

American learned the hard way that racism, in any form, is dangerous because it could lead to violent suppression and rampant discrimination. Even if this incident had happened in something as “good ol’ boy” southern as NASCAR, someone was going to get “banned for life” from attending a race. It’s not that NASCAR doesn’t have racists, but in America it’s considered to be poor taste to be racist in public.

News service AFP
reports that Motorsport’s governing body FIA “has warned that Spain may lose its Formula One Grands Prix this year over the incidents.”

May lose it? I hate to break it to you Spain, Formula One, douche bag hater Fernando Alonso and the rest of Europe but you ARE as racist as America. Now get yourself into some diversity training workshops before its too late.

BTW: I also think that some of this Hamilton “hateration” is based on the fact that he’s good at what he does and he’s amazingly attractive. I think they’re a little jealous of The Sexy. Don’t cha think?

Yes, yes. That’s very nice.

4 thoughts on ““Racism? What racism?” says Europe, yet again

  1. I was upset when i heard about this as well. But it is no surprise to those looking from the outside that Europe has lots of issues they refuse to deal with. Like France not liking their national soccer team because there are too many Africans on the team. To innocent immigrants in Switzerland being attacked at their workplaces for allegedly taking jobs away from the local people. They need to work on their denial of their racism/hate or things will get worse before they get better.

  2. When this story broke over here, I was not even surprised. Many parts of Europe are racist but continental europe is a different story.Those fans were not only racist but they HATE the fact that hamilton is the golden boy of F1 after he outshone Alonso. Pure and simple: Hamilton is just better and that is what those jealous haters can’t see.Hamilton has worked so hard to get to where he is from being raised by his Grenadian father in a small English town to knocking people out of races in F1. Those people are just racist jealous people!PS: Spanish football coach Luis Aragones made racist comments about French footballer superstar Thierry Henry in 2005.

  3. I’ve known about this young brother for awhile now because I try and make it my business to know what we do in the world. He is damned talented and don’t think for 1 minute white folks in Europe don’t hate on him for it.He’s that uppity negro who dared to invade the lily white world of formula one racing and beat them at their own game. He says what he thinks, and the Spaniards didn’t appreciate it, so what do they do, mock his race.For anyone who says Europe isn’t racist, I say get out of your damned dream world. Just because it’s not always visible, doesn’t mean it’s not there. In a strange way, I have to thank racist Spain for exposing the underbelly of European “color-blindness” mythology.

  4. I heard about what happened to Thierry Henry and I’ve been appalled at how brazen the racist behavior and rhetoric is yet so many Europeans have a cavalier attitude towards it.I remember when I learned about this disparity when I was in high school reading an article by a black woman explaining the African American romantic, escapist affair with France, a country that offered refuge to black writers, artists and musicians suffering under the foot of Jim Crow. She wrote how the French loved and valued American blacks and recalled wonderful visits to France as a child.She wrote that now, with shame, when she visits France she makes sure she speaks in English even though she speaks the language fluently to avoid being treated rudely by store clerks who openly loathed the African immigrants who’d moved to Paris for work.She was amazed that the French could see the racism of America that attracted Josephine Baker and James Baldwin, but couldn’t see the racism of France which subjugated and discriminated against the black immigrants from their former African colonies.She wrote how her French friends saw the Africans as “different” from the talented African Americans.It was just amazing to me. Just like the treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by the Dutch government regarding her protection after she raised the ire of Islamic fundamentalists.

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