The View defends Whoopi, who was totally snubbed by the Oscars

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In case you haven’t heard, during an Oscar montage of past Oscar hosts on Sunday four-time Oscar host Whoopi Goldberg was not included. Never mind she was the first woman, first black and first former Oscar winner to host the Oscars. Who cares. What’s touching is how you can tell how hurt Whoopi is over this and she’s not exactly big on being that kind of emotional. But it was nice to hear her fellow hosts on “The View” defend their cohort over what was a huge, rude snub. And I don’t care that the Academy put her in the Oscar winners montage. They stuck Steve Martin in the hosts’ montage and he only hosted one time and bombed. Whoopi hosted FOUR TIMES! What the hell, Academy? Like or hate, Whoopi, no one who worked as hard as she did to make it as a comedian and actress deserves to be treated this way. She was in “The Color Purple” for goodness sake! A little respect, please!

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  1. Wow! I hadn’t even heard–heck, I didn’t even watch it this year. As much as love several of the movies that were up for awards, I just simply wasn’t interested. I love how her View co-hosts handled it. I’ve never seen Whoopi become emotional like that–made me a little misty-eyed myself. Shame on the Academy!Speaking of The View, the only reason I can stand it now–and actually enjoy it–is because of Whoopi. I love the perspective that both she and Sherri bring–Whoopi, often, is that “voice of reason” when everybody else, even Sherri, gets a little cackly and crazy.Well, I luvs me some Whoopi Goldberg–wasn’t always a huge fan, but she’s grown on me over time–especially as Guinan in TNG.Kudos to her! Thanks for the post!

  2. can’t say that I am really a fan of whoopi goldberg, but the oscars did front on her considering she hosted 4 times.

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