Obama smears bogus; mainstream media lame as ever and Keith Olbermann pisses me off

Ditto everything Air America’s Rachel Maddow said. I almost never disagree with her. And way to check that whole news story about the RNC holding focus groups to see how close they could get to RACIST! without being called out as a racist on Obama.

Countdown was good last night save for the story then did on SNL’s lack of a person of color to play the first black man to run for president.

They kind of brushed it off as this display being a sign of progress, that a non-black man could play a black man. Look we’ve advanced! Right back to 1910 when vaudeville was filled with white people in black face, the role of “Othello” was traditionally played in black face (no Negroes allowed in Shakespeare. Heaven forbid!) Then we have the 30s, 40s and 50s, where white actresses would play tragic mulattoes with “Egyptian” shade pancake make up to make them “darker.”

Um, what the fark, Keith, paragon of “White Liberal Guilt?? SNL has been shoddy for DECADES when it comes to minorities in their cast. They have a two black person quota (which is normally a one black person quota), no Asians (Sorry John Cho and Margaret Cho – not related), a handful of Latinos in the last twenty or so years and dear God, never any Indians or Arabs (Sorry Kal Penn!). Heaven forbid!

Having a white man play a black man is not progress when racism STILL exists in show business and you can’t believably claim there are no black men in New York, Hollywood or the places inbetween who can do an effective Barack Obama. But we auditioned a lot of people, Lorne Michaels cries. Yeah, bullshit. You auditioned a ton of people just to pick a guy in-house. Wow, black folks haven’t heard THAT one before.

Don’t you know how all this looks to us Negroes, Keith? SNL is a cultural icon. When you have this kind of legitimacy and this checkered past with black talent folks are going to fucking notice when Barack Obama, first black candidate with a viable chance at the presidency in the history of our racist country, isn’t played by a minority. Why not cast the part of Martin Luther King Jr. with Bill Murray? Have Nicole Kidman play Billie Holiday? Give Jesus blond hair and blue eyes? Oh wait. They already did that. There are SO few parts in Hollywood for minorities so you want to take what should have been a gimmie (black president = broke black comic gets to eat this month), to just do what has been in done in Hollywood since there was a Hollywood?

If Lena Horne weren’t old and resigned from the limelight I would send her down to your studio with a handful of “Egyptian” pancake and slap you and Lorne Michaels across the face with it. I know MSNBC doesn’t want to diss NBC’s comic darling, but dude, as the most guilty white liberal on television I expect better than the brush off of every black person who’s had a part, a job, a script magically turn into all white folks because no one wants to watch us … except when they do.

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