Crazy things in my blog reader

Republicans worried about being labeled bigotsThe Carpetbagger Blog (this one is hilarious)
How To Strike It Rich As A Black Conservative
– from Gawker (about a story on The Root, also hilarious)
For all your post-Oscar needs (because I totally didn’t watch it) – Young, Black and Fabulous, some highlights were Whoopi’s Oscar host history snub and that hideous thing Jennifer Hudson wore.
CNN Re-Legitimizes ‘Scurrilous’ Obama EmailThe Huffington Post

I saw CNN’s report and it’s garbage. I don’t care that if Drudge and FOX report, you can’t just throw up your widdy-biddy hands and cry, “What could we do? We just had to report on those defamatory lies that we otherwise would have ignored! FOX did a story on it. You know? That bastion of high brow journalism? It was news, we say! We just HAD TOOO!”

Just because FOX reports it does not make it news. All the other networks seem to be aware of this. And I’ve seen in-depth reports by FOX on the plague of topless chicks at Mardi Gras and documentary hit pieces on Minority Report style child predators on “Dateline.” Yet I don’t see CNN bringing drunk Spring Break co-eds to a suburban house in Atlanta where NBC’s Chris Hansen is waiting inside with a track of Jello shooters to ask you whether you think the Dems are going to “cut” or “run” in 2009.

3 thoughts on “Crazy things in my blog reader

  1. Do you visit Bossip? I like that and GoFugYourself, too. If you have a hazmat suit, try MediaTakeOut. They’re a little out there, but they are first on stuff like Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong.

  2. I look at Bossip sometimes but we had a falling out over their overuse of misogynist terms. There’s never any jokes or mocking from a place of interest or admiration. They’re just flat out mean to people in sometimes the most vulgar way possible.God, MediaTakeOut. That’s like going shopping at the one old mall in town that they turned into a swamp meet. Sure, you’ll get a cheap pair of Chinos, but then you’re all, why does it smell like weed in here?I usually check out YBF, Concrete Loop and Crunk + Disorderly (my favorite). For my non-black related entertainment fix I read Pink Is the New Blog, Go Fug Yourself, Defamer, Gawker, Circus Hour (formally Gallery of the Absurd and Holy Candy), Hip Hop Music Dot Com and NY Magazine’s Vulture blog.Did I ever mention that I read an insane amount of blogs? It’s ridiculous.

  3. Like – Oh My Gawd! Dude! When do you have time for a life? I’ll check some of those out, thanks for the tips. And yeah, I usually feel like I need to shower after MediaTakeOut – but [shrug] I like trashy sometimes, ya know? So sue me. PS – I forgot one other one: “Rhymes With Snitch”.

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