SNL’s Obama = meh

After all that auditioning and jawing SNL regular (and a white guy) Fred Armisen got that chance to play “Fauxbama.” He did the best he could with some light brown pancake make-up and some not-quite-right hand gestures. It was like his fingers were going for classic Arsenio Hall. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good. It was just meh. Amy Pohler’s Hillary was great, especially when in the past she’s seemed a little off as the first lady. Everyone in the sketch was great, but Armisen went too “wonkish Obama” (which he can be) and not enough charming Obama, which gets the votes.

I don’t know. I still think it was ridiculous to audition so many people and still go in house for a player. And it further befuddles me. Is SNL afraid of brown people? I mean, we are capable of being funny, us brown people. But over the past two years you’ve had Darrell Hammond play Jesse Jackson, Armisen play Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and now in this sketch, Armsien as Obama and Jorge Ramos of Univision played by Bill Hader, another white person (and he didn’t even bother with any sort of Spanish).

Now Maya Rudolph is gone. What the hell, Lorne Michaels, hire some black and/or brown people! Or if you can’t do that, just rotate some in and out so we don’t have so much of this ridiculousness. Don’t talk about diversity, be about it. It’s not like there aren’t black and brown actors and comedians who can’t do these parts. For a hot two years Dave Chappelle was the greatest comic since Pryor. But then, a comic that good is probably too edgy for your show considering all the great black comics who were not Eddie Murphy that you didn’t know what to do with (re: Chris Rock, Tim Meadows, Tracey Morgan, Maya Rudolph, etc.)

I’m disappointed Lorne, diversify your comic options and don’t tell me there are no black, Latino, Asian or multiracial comics out there because everyone will know that you’re lying! Margaret Cho would love to help your crappy show out any time.

2 thoughts on “SNL’s Obama = meh

  1. I’m with you, Danielle–I found myself sneering way too much. I stopped watching a long time ago. Maya R. is gone??? Wow. Where’d she go and why did she leave (aside from it probably just being way past time)? I guess I could look that up…

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