Another thing courtesy of last night’s SNL

Courtesy of the Uppity Negro Network, “So when did Bitch become the new Black?” Check out Joshua’s take by clicking the link.

Um … Tina Fey, that was totally out of order. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I didn’t know they hung white women.” Hillary grew up privileged middle class in Illinois. My mother grew up in rural Arkansas and picked cotton with her bare hands. Seriously. Don’t compare tragedies with black Americans. You will look ridiculous. And it’s intellectually lazy to compare tragedies anyway because you always end up belittling something or someone. I hate when people play the which was worse: Middle Passage/Slavery, the Jewish Holocaust and the other Holocaust known as the massacre of Native Americans in the US. That’s like choosing between would I rather be raped a few times a week or be raped a few times a week with Kenny G. playing in the background. When, um, I would prefer not to be raped at all. It’s a bogus argument.

You can’t compare the plight of white American women to black Americans. Hell, you can’t even compare it to other women around the world. In the Middle East somewhere a woman is getting hacked to death or set on fire because she dared to doff her burkas, leave the house without a male escort or date outside their sect.

Let’s just keep it real, bitch is not the new black.

Women get discriminated against and blacks get discriminated against, but I am not so foolish to believe a white woman has it easier in America than the average black man or woman. Just ask the black men in prison or on parole who make up more than half of all prisoners in America. Or ask black men and women trying to make it in any white dominated field. Or any lonely black kids who go to all white schools.

I mean, I realize she said this within the confines of a joke. But I’m with UNN, she was out of the shit’s not funny.

Here’s part of the response I left on UNN’s site: I’ve heard this come up a few times on political talk shows. The worst of which was a white female pundit who tried to argue that white women were somehow more disenfranchised because they got the right to vote several years after black men could. Never mind that no one enforced that right for decades and that voter intimidation and pole taxes ran rampant throughout the south.

It is historically ignorant to try to compare the issues of race and gender in America. They share similar themes (discrimination and subordination) but you seriously don’t want to get in a tragedy pissing contest with black Americans. Which would you rather hear about? The rape of our motherland, Middle Passage, being three-fifths of a person, slavery, the one-drop-rule, rape, Jim Crow, racial massacres and riots, the Civil War, lynching, the KKK? Come, Tina Fey. I can do this all day long.

It just seems ridiculous. You like Hillary. Fine. I like her too, but I’m not voting for her. Tough titty. I know Fey’s spiel was supposed to be funny, but I still don’t find our history and the racism we still deal with now as poops n’ giggles.

“Bitch is the new black” except when it isn’t.

8 thoughts on “Another thing courtesy of last night’s SNL

  1. She didn’t mean it as skin color. She meant it like a fashion neutral shade. You know like gray is the new black.I like the statement because too often women are refered to that because we are too assertive.

  2. bibi: Wow, I didn’t even think of that. It makes more sense in the context of fashion than race/gender. I agree with The Black Snob – it’s so easy to misinterpret the joke that it would have been better reworded (or replaced).

  3. She meant it as a fashion comment. Every year it’s denim is the new black, pink is the new black…meaning what ever is popular.

  4. Bibi is right, “the new black” is a silly cliche that means “the latest chic thing”. Maybe it’s not used everywhere, but I’m sure whoever wrote the line assumed that everybody knew what it meant without need for clarification. People also say stuff like “tuesday is the new friday” meaning tuesday is the day that everybody goes out on the town–no reference to Robinson Crusoe.

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