I don’t want to say this too loudly because I don’t it to come true …

But why hasn’t Viacom given Karrine Steffans her own reality show? I mean, she at least has an interesting back story. God only knows what Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s sad tales of pig’s feet, hair weaves gone wrong and caking on eight pounds of MAC were about. I mean, Karrine’s nickname is “Superhead” which is just disgusting enough to make VH1 a whole lot of money.

Like Tiffany, and every other broad on reality TV, she wants to kick off an acting career. She used to shake her ass in videos and have gross sex with even grosser rappers and athletes. As much as VH1 and Viacom enjoys blacksploitation it amazes me that they haven’t taken the racial bait on this dirty gem.

A matter of fact, New York and Superhead made original difficult black woman on the reality TV Tami Roman (nee Akbar) from Real World 2: Los Angeles seem demure and innocent by comparison. I mean, she could actually speak correct English and worked at an AIDS clinic. She had some measurable talents. She was fucking Mother Teresa compared to her successors.

Oh. And Tami (above) is actually attractive. The hotness of Karrine and Tiffany is debatable.

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  1. I know! But doesn’t it amaze you that New York has a show and not Karrine? Karrine is waaaaay more fucked up.Like I said, I don’t want her to have a show, but it’s amazing BET hasn’t snatched her up. And you know she’d do it. That woman would try anything once as long as there is cash connected to it.

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