Jesse L. Martin to lower ‘Law & Order’s” sexy quotient

I haven’t watched much L&O this year. I was checked out on the show even pre-writer’s strike. But the news came out today that it’s official: Jesse L. Martin, the sexiest man to happen upon L&O since Benjamin Bratt, is leaving.

While the folks at New York Magazine’s Vulture are hoping Dick Wolf will send Martin off with him lending his polished Broadway vocals for a final Karaoke-based stand, I’m semi concerned about Jesse’s sexy being replaced with the not sexy Anthony Anderson, fresh from the debacle that was “K-Ville.”**

I hope Jesse will land on a more upward mobile show (or movie, or put out an album of jazz standards). I’d suggest all fans of Jesse to start letter bombing Shonda Rhimes to find a way to work him into either “Grey’s Anatomy” or that other show she has with Taye “I Hate You So Much” Diggs on it.

God. I hate Taye Diggs, but if you get Jesse on “Private Practice,” Shonda, I will watch and suffer the waves of hate I feel for that shiny, annoying man. Plus, it will make up for the loss I still feel for Isaiah Washington’s sexy gay slandering ass.

I need good looking black men who are not Taye Diggs on my TeeVee. Someone make this happen.

**Side note: How can you make a show about post-Katrina New Orleans and make it suck? All you had to do was change the names in the Times Picayune. Seriously. New Orleans is one of the most fascinating places in the United States, rich in culture, arts and history, plagued by violent crime and mobbed up cops, racism, greed, skeevy, backwater politicians, and tons upon tons of race/cultural/class issues that date back to when the French founded the New Orleans colony, all wrapped up in a jazz soundtrack.

How could they make the show about car chases and Anthony Anderson putting hot sauce on oatmeal? (Or was it grits. I can’t remember.) And I kind of half like Tawny Cypress and that Cole Hauser, surprisingly hot in a simmering, slow-burn way, but that show sucked balls. Seriously, FOX. Seriously. Thanks for ruining what could have been brilliant TV featuring a whole lot of southern black, Cajun, Creole and all varieties of biracial people.

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