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From FOX News Houston, click here to see more photos.

… To the young men and women from Papa Snob’s alma mater at Prairie View A&M, a historically black university.

More than 1,000 students, family, community leaders, civil rights leaders and educators marched Tuesday calling on Waller County and the state of Texas to not suppress their voting rights by making the only early voting place in Waller the county courthouse in Hempstead.

They marched 7.3 miles from the campus to the courthouse, many still angry from actions the county took in 2004 where students went to vote and found they weren’t able to vote.

According to the Houston Chronicle the students carried register to vote signs and wore T-shirts reading, “It is 2008. We Will Vote.”

Freshman Brittney Veasey, who was voting for the first time, said she took the 2 1/2 -hour journey because she believes her vote will make a difference.

“I feel like we’re making history today,” she said. “Instead of making it inconvenient, students should be encouraged to vote.”

Last week, under pressure from federal authorities, Waller County officials added three temporary polling places for early voting, ditching plans to open only one voting site in advance of the March 4 primary.

The attention everyone kicked up was worth it. Once the Feds and the press were prying into things and the local FOX affiliate was sending up helicopters to film the march, Waller County was holding emergency meetings and backpedaling.

The Justice Department questioned the county’s original decision to cut early-voting sites from a half dozen throughout the county to one in Hempstead. Officials said the county could not afford equipment or staff to operate the additional sites.

Following an emergency meeting last week, the county submitted a revamped proposal to the Justice Department that included one more day of early voting on Thursday at the three new polling sites. Federal officials have 60 days to review and approve the plan, but have not raised any objections.

So, a tear of pride for those might Prairie View Panthers who took on a staring contest with “The Man” and the man blinked.

It is 2008 and we WILL vote!

This irritates me that a racially charged march of 1,000 people didn’t manage to pop up ANYWHERE in the national media Tuesday when it took place, but they were too busy speculating about whether or not Michelle Obama loves America. I’m sure that was more important to someone.

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  1. Oh yes, I am very proud of the Prarie View students. I think that more of us need to stop being scared and speak up for our rights.Love your blog. Today was my first visit. I shall return.

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