Roland Martin totally reads my blog

Or at least he read enough of it to take some umbrage over my incorrect hyperbole. I erroneously reported that he was flacking for a presidential contender in my original February 14 posting. Neither the serious journalist in me or the lazy blogger inside did not vet that particular nugget out. Sincere pologizes to my readers and to Martin. Click the above link to read the previously offending, now fixed, posting.

Seriously. I mean, The Snob knows people read her blog, but I just had no knowledge it would be attention worthy of someone several rungs higher on the black journalist ladder. Not as big as Oprah. But bounds better than Juan Williams. I guess I’m going to have to start taking things half-ass seriously now. Dammit. And I was enjoying being lazy.

5 thoughts on “Roland Martin totally reads my blog

  1. All press is good press. I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before. I just want my official, limited edition t-shirt that reads: “I was an early, enthusiastic reader of The Black Snob.”

  2. Blue: I just thought it was kooky. I didn’t know I was important enough to be noticed, let alone corrected. I thought I was a rouge blogger outlaw, living on the outskirts of real journalism land.I mean, if Roland is reading the blog does this mean Julian Bond is going to clarify his Florida-Michigan delegate issue by writing me? Will Bill Clinton ask me to stop demanding that he stop pretending to be black in public? Are Anderson Cooper and Wentworth Miller going to call me and demand that I stop suggesting that they would make a cute couple?Will Michelle Obama leave a comment telling me (finally) where she gets her clothes?Oh, my God? Does TJ Holmes read this blog? Please, sweet Jesus, let TJ read this so he can pick me up and take me into the night <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>Benny Mardones style.Because THAT would be fucking awesome.I’m joking, sort of, because after I apologized to Roland I totally told to tell TJ I said, “Hi.”

  3. I LOVE that Benny Mardones song. Seriously. That thing is the bomb. I’m not usually the sort of woman who desires being rescued, but if this song was played during the offer (and if the offerer were TJ Holmes) I might be more inclined to take it up.

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