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I keep a check on how my site pops up in Google searches and I’m totally loving some of the top reasons why people have come to The Snob:

Michelle Obama’s clothes/hair: I agree. They’re hot. I’ll be putting out another fashion retrospective this week similar to the one before. Right now I’m working on finding out who makes the clothes and who does the hair. Anyone who has a clue, hit me up on the gmail!

TJ Holmes Shirtless: Yeah, girlfriend (or boyfriend) I WISH! Believe me. If I get a picture of my sweet southern newsroom lover without his shirt on I will plaster it from end-to-end on this blog AND my BlackPlanet page. He’s already no. 1 in my sexy smart newsman book.

Wentworth Miller white/black: I get Wentworth Miller searches all the time because of this posting I did back in the fall of ’07. I have a semi-half-assed feature called “Incognegro” that I haven’t updated in a while about celebrities who are part black, but most folks don’t realize it. I’m glad I can answer folks’ question that he’s both black & white and he’s really pale. I also find him nerd boy hot. Side note: Wentworth is the number one way people get to my site internationally, with Michelle Obama’s clothes coming up second getting both domestic and international hits. Who knew the Japanese wanted to know what Michelle’s wearing?

Nas and Kelis “nigger” wear: Way to go, Nas. Your ham-fisted attempts at irony got people on the internet searching for it and found their way to my post-Grammys posting on Kelis and those ridiculously tight, spray painted on gold pants.

Grady Sizemore: Yes, he’s hot. And once again, it’s the black or not black, hot not-black-black-person question and I featured him as the first in my Incognegro series.

I just love it. I’m a natural news hound, so if you have a pressing question about anything I write just respond in the comments section or shoot me an email. I always check and answer in a timely manner.

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