Obama Fever in Africa Hurts Bush’s Widdle Feelings

In case you guys didn’t notice The Leader of the Free World is in Africa spreading good will and chatting up his work on AIDS (but steering clear from all Darfur related questions).

Georgie needed a little break considering Congress didn’t buy his FISA fake-out. And despite his claims that the Democrats were putting the entire country in peril he still took his overseas trip. The same trip he’d vowed to cancel if FISA’s Protect America Act wasn’t renewed with immunity for the Telecoms who helped our government break the law.

America is all, “lo siento widdle, Jorge.” First Congress and then that pesky election going on with all those attractive new sparkling potential presidents. Why? It’s like he’s irrelevant or something. But Africa! It’ll be different in Africa, right?

From CNN:

It took two days, but Obama-mania finally crashed President Bush’s party in Africa ever so briefly on Sunday …

Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press asked Bush a question about his AIDS relief plan and then turned to Kikwete to note the excitement in Africa about Obama’s candidacy and asked the African leader to comment on “what you think it says about America that we might elect a black President with roots in Africa?”

Even though that part of the question was not directed at him, Bush weighed in first with mock exasperation that everyone seemed to be forgetting he was treated like a rock star on the trip. “It seemed like there was a lot of excitement for me, wait a minute,” the President said to laughter. “Maybe you missed it.”

Aw. Poor George. That horrible, no good, rotten Barack Obama and his half Kenyan heritage is fucking up your Africa tour.

Oh well. You’ll always have Albania.

One thought on “Obama Fever in Africa Hurts Bush’s Widdle Feelings

  1. Bushie is sad that the africans are going the way of China. it’s a shame because there are enough black snobs ib america that support bush that you would think he would have been better prepared. Come on Condi, should have helped him out better…

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