First Spouse Campaign Sexism Watch

Michelle Obama is going to be on the cover of Newsweek. And Gawker does a round up of sorts of all the ways the media has described her as “blunt,” “direct” and “edgy.” Gawker sums up that all the mags are essentially saying she’s “sarcastic.” Which isn’t necessarily a desired trait. It’s kind of up there with “disaffected” and “jaded” in my book.

Or bitchy.

Which is my constant annoyance of how the media talks about the women running to be First Lady. Especially when there was a whole parcel of them. I mean, I get it, the American public is afraid of assertive, opinionated women (see Teresa Heinz-Kerry, Hillary Rodham Clinton). Everyone hates them. They want you to just talk about how much you love your kids and how much you support and love your husband. Bake cookies, “Say No to Drugs” and advocate for reading. Whooptie fucking doo.

Why is it that you just can’t be yourself? I mean, as long as you’re not undercutting your husband’s message or getting drunk, flashing your va-jay-jay in public, let them complain about their husband’s breath? Geez.

And I’m bipartisan in my annoyance about this. People will say things about a political spouse that they would never say about the man running. The man is always viewed through the desexualized panacea of the traditional dark suit and tie. He’s meant to be judged by his substance. Hence why reporters judged Fred Thompson as “old” and “lackadaisical” on the stump. But his attractive ex-actress wife, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC opined that she looks like “she could work the pole.”

How dare she be attractive? She obviously made him be a disgusting sexist leach by being not-ugly, not covered in a nice layer of chubby First Lady brand grandmotherly lard.

The only woman in politics who I see routinely spoken about in a near asexual manner (most of the time at least) is Condelezza Rice. I don’t agree with almost anything she says, but I get just as irritated when people belittle her based on her gender. Like when my previous imaginary boyfriend Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder did a series of comic strips opining that if Condi found “love” maybe she wouldn’t be hell bent on destroying the world.

Dick Cheney found love in Lynne Cheney yet he still wants to destroy the world. To quote Tina, what’s love have to do with it?

Why? Why can’t people be judged by their actions and their talents, not if they have boobs and whether those boobs are hot or not? Why can’t Michelle Obama joke about her husband being “stinky?” A lot of people’s husbands are stinky. Papa Snob, despite his refined tastes, gets a good chuckle from a well-placed fart every now and then. So he’s kind of stinky.

Yes. Michelle’s a pithy kind of “no fuss,” intimidation artist. She recently slouched and “mm … hmmed” her way through an interview with CBS’ Katie Couric. Judging from her body language you could easily infer that either she was trying to intimidate Couric by using her height and voice or you could chalk it up to her not being trained to lose various verbal and physical habits when you’re on TV. Everyone does the “mmm … hmmm” to encourage the other person to keep talking, but if you do it a lot in a live interview it makes you come off as impatient, trying to undercut the interviewer.

But then maybe she likes to intimidate the press. I don’t care. Although it’s not that hard to strong arm Katie Couric.

I guess my response to the whole Michelle Obama = sarcastic meme is simply, “So what?” No one’s running to be the next June Cleaver.

One thought on “First Spouse Campaign Sexism Watch

  1. Pardon my French Snob, but people need to just shut the frack up about Michelle Obama. She’s human just like the next person and she seems to have a low threshold for bullshit.I love Michelle and everyone needs to drink their cup of STHU.

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