Charles Barkley: Dumb or unheralded genius?

Saw this over the weekend on Crooks and Liars (I really like that site.):

Sir Charles Barkley is known as a loud, kind of slow and mush-mouthed, tongue-tied ex-NBA baller and color commentator on TNT. He also for years espoused that he was a Republican (I think the logic behind that was he was “rich” and that was the rich party. Nice.)

But Chuck recently went on this little tirade about Republicans being “phony Christians” on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” also known as the crappiest three hours you could ever spend watching TV.

He still kind of sounds stupid. But it’s a stupid I sort of agree with. Does this make me now stupid? So many questions to ponder.

3 thoughts on “Charles Barkley: Dumb or unheralded genius?

  1. Barkley is always one to speak his mind not matter what the circumstance. For that I will always have respect for him. Though his delivery may be not as polished as we might like…he still sounds better than Bush, but gives a very pragmatic viewpoint based upon his class status and his rural southern upbringing. “Sir Charles” needs his own show…and the NBA needs to start implementing mandatory writing and reading seminars on American English and History…why is Grant Hill the only cat in the league that can speak without uttering, “Know what I’m saying” as a verbal pause. Just my two cents.VCM

  2. Charles is very entertaining. I’ll give him that. He just bludgeons the English language. And as bad as the NBA can be with Charles and, sweet Lord baby Jesus, Magic Johnson as commentators, the NFL still reigns supreme for hosting a gaggle of Shannon Sharpes and Terry Bradshaws all blustering and bumbling, murdering the vernacular.

  3. Charles Barkley is a genius. And while he won’t ever win the “Tiger Woods Award For Most Articulate Negro in Sports,” I do think his intelligence and ability to think critically rumbles through anyhow.

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