See, I get excited about politics so much …

… that I’ve been neglecting some of my other interests. Not TJ Holmes, as I would never neglect my fake CNN homey-lover-friend, but no, I’ve been neglecting people like this woman …

Tyra Banks.

I used to love “America’s Next Top Model” or Model Crack, as I call it. But after season four I lost interest (how many times can you watch one chick get her hair cut SUPER short and cry over it?) I’m still a half-assed fan of Tyra (I’m more of a Naomi Campbell, Iman, Beverly Johnson, Veronica Webb, Kimora Lee Simmons, Alex Wek, “every black female model who’s not Tyra” Tyra fan.)

But I’m a fan, nonetheless. Still I have one question about her EW magazine cover:

Is that airbrushing or does homegirl need a sandwich? I haven’t been paying much attention to her in a while, so I don’t know if she’s just been getting back in shape or if she was just cut, chopped and PhotoShopped.

Oh, and screw that line that says she doesn’t want to “Oprah Jr.” She’d be happy being Oprah’s best friend Gail Jr. You know Oprah totally gives Gail all her old Gucci and Chanel purses.

Read up on Young Black and Fabulous where I found fabulous, “skinny” Tyra.

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