The Perfect Obama Campaign Song

Me and Younger Sister of Snob, or YSS, were talking a couple weeks back about what would be a good song for Barack Obama’s campaign and magically, we had the same thought at the same time …

Featuring “the real Clinton, not Bill Clinton” as Ice Cube puts it, George Clinton’s 1993 track, “Paint the White House Black” is perfect. From the album, “Hey Man … Smell My Finger,” it’s funkalicious, bootidocious, blacktastical music by your favorite doped up, P-Funked up, crunked up Grandpa of West Coast Hip Hop. Of course, Obama should never “picture this, paint a picture, paint a perfect, perfect picture” of this as his campaign song (he seems partial to Steive Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” which is much more apropos), but thinking about it is still good for a laugh. George and his gaggle of rappers even call out that it’s “time for a change” in the song which seals the deal as this being the greatest Obama campaign theme music EVER in my head.

Can’t you just see him doing the Roger Rabbit to it off the stage after they hand him the nomination in August? It’s way cooler than Bill n’ Al’s 1992, way-back baby boomer machine track, “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.” Everyone knows that Fleetwood Mac is lame. (Save for “Landslide” and “You Can Go Your Own Way,” which are incredibly awesome.)

But, I’m sure someone else on the internets thought of this besides me and my sister right? C’mon. You know you all were thinking it the minute he announced he was running!

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Obama Campaign Song

  1. Psht…I guess you’re big time now! Congrats!!! And – you’re welcome! I really love your site, you are a fanTASTic writer. If this blogging thing doesn’t work out, you should give it a go. (hahahahaha!)

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