News flash: Rep. John Lewis may have woken up and smelled the Obama coffee

The Carpetbagger Report is saying Rep. John Lewis of Georgia is reconsidering his endorsement of Hillary Clinton and hopping on the Hope Train. See! I told you. Don’t throw your Clinton-loving grandparents under the bus. They can be rehabilitated because, win or lose, at the end of the day they don’t want to be on the wrong side of history.

Sayeth the New York Times:

Representative John Lewis, an elder statesman from the civil rights era and one of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most prominent black supporters, said Thursday night that he planned to cast his vote as a superdelegate for Senator Barack Obama in hopes of preventing a fight at the Democratic convention.

“In recent days, there is a sense of movement and a sense of spirit,” said Mr. Lewis, a Georgia Democrat who endorsed Mrs. Clinton last fall. “Something is happening in America, and people are prepared and ready to make that great leap.”

Mr. Lewis, who carries great influence among other members of Congress, disclosed his decision in an interview in which he said that as a superdelegate he could “never, ever do anything to reverse the action” of the voters of his district, who overwhelmingly supported Mr. Obama.

“I’ve been very impressed with the campaign of Senator Obama,” Mr. Lewis said. “He’s getting better and better every single day.”

Praise God, hallelujah. Brother Lewis has seen the light!

Jokes aside. This is really huge. Perhaps there will be a mass exodus of Civil Rights leaders and Congressional Black Caucus members from the Clinton camp to Obama land where Barack will be waiting with open arms and Michelle will be helping them to their places behind the Great Black (Presidential) Hope.

After all. It was black people who got these folks elected and if 90 percent of your district is voting for Obama you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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