More NAACP Delegate Drama

Julian Bond voting along side Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Bond is now the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Can’t get enough of Roland Martin’s Julian Bond, “let’s seat the Florida and Michigan delegates” drama? Read more from fast and furious emails between Martin and Mary Frances Berry, who helped write Julian Bond’s letter to DNC head Howard Dean.

Needless to say, she doesn’t really appreciate Martin’s coverage:

Roland by the way what makes you disrespect Julian Bond so much as to attack him because he didn’t think of doing something at one time and now that its getting closer thinks of it after complaints from his membership. Julian has paid his dues; is nothing sacred? I guess not.

She’s not alone though in her anger. The comments on Roland’s blog were all eye-rolls and sighs over the ineptitude of the NAACP and whether or not Julian Bond was talking out of order, making a move without the NAACP boards approval or whether they were all in on it. Either way, folks are fed up with the shenanigans.

Sayeth commentator “Lawrence“:

Wow. If we can thank Barack for one thing, it’s that we’re seeing how out of touch, entrenched and entitled these Civil Rights leaders are. The idea that Julian Bond can’t be criticized because of his prior work is extraordinary. There’s an arrogance to Ms. Berry’s comments that says I know best, I don’t have to answer your questions, and how dare you question my motives. Well, the days of blindly following these folks are over. We honor your service, but a new day has dawned and you’re going to see a bunch of 30s and 40s year old brothers and sisters taking over the reins of leadership within the community. It’s too bad that the last people who understand that their time is gone, are the very people who prepped the road for the leaders they who will take their place. also pointed out another twist in the delegate drama. Despite the diversity of the presidential race, of the DNC’s more than 700 superdelegates more than half are white men. This concerns many as it reflects who’s traditionally the boss in American politics.

One thought on “More NAACP Delegate Drama

  1. I love Dick. St. Louis! (Fist pump in air.)I’ll have to play this for my mom, who I think is still on the Clinton fence (Per usual, no one in my family has openly come out for anyone). I’m almost most positive though that my father has crossed over. The other day, out of no where, he just busted out how Obama had gotten much farther than he ever anticipated and didn’t know where this race was going any more.I think for people like my parents, who grew up under the foot of Jim Crow, it’s hard for them to see that white people would vote in large numbers for a black candidate. That’s why I think Obama winning would be the greatest thing in my lifetime because I’d get to see my parents think that maybe the world isn’t as crappy as they think it is. That things have gotten better, and so on and so forth.It just seems unnatural to see my parents vote for anything but Obama, as it would go against their view which has traditionally been, root, vote and support the liberal Black candidate to the last man standing.I mean, the rooted for Al Sharpton, Carol Mosely Braun, Jesse Jackson and Shirley Chishloms’ long-shot runs. But maybe that’s why the were cool with it, it still fit their belief that a black candidate would struggle outside of large cities or gerrymandered black districts.That’s also why I think the oldersters were so slow to react to Obama, they were hedging bets and playing this safe, but when Obama started racking up states and going head-to-head with Clinton, they realized that their voters and supporters voted in droves of 90 percent for Obama. It’s basic math if you’re in the CBC – you can’t get reelected if you are viewed as not supporting Obama, of basically standing in the way of history and spitting on all the hard work everyone one’s done. That’s why you’ve got kooky schemes like Charlie Rangel backing Hillary and his wife backing Obama. What can you do when all of Harlem is voting for Obama and you’re still backing the Clintons.All the oldsters, even crazy Andy Young, will come around in due time. No one wants to be on the wrong side of history. No one wants to be marked down as the “House Negro” Malcolm X so starkly defined.

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