Howdy doody! New stuff a-coming!

Shello Black Snob readers!

I’ve added to the sidebar information about the Secret Council of American Negroes. Right now it’s just a picture of the founder, Frederick Douglass, the motto and a list of “blackness offenders.” Below that, there are lists of blacks who’ve been revoked of blackness and not allowed to be black in public, repeat offenders on the watch list, and a feature about non-blacks practicing blackness without an authorization from the council.

I kind of toyed with the idea of creating a secret black organization when I blogged “Juiced” back in January and in another post I totally can’t find where I responded to some comments by regular Snob reader The Blue.

The idea came out of the numerous times people have acted as if black people have some mythical black leaders who pull the strings and set agendas.

If there are black leaders in America I don’t recall there being a vote, and considering the mess most of us blacks are in, if there are leaders they’re doing an amazingly shitty job. But the notion of a prestigious, all-powerful, secret council fascinated me, considering how us coloreds are always running around, going in twenty-thousand different directions. An enlightened, educated, preeminent group of blacks keeping everyone in line just fascinated me. Who would be in this group? How would they make these decisions? How would the discipline repeat offenders if black Americans really had things together.

I welcome ideas about SCAN as I work on this fictitious organization as well as its conservative sister group, Negroes of North America (NONA). I’d appreciate suggestions on members of these councils, repeat offenders who should be added to the lists and other ideas. I’m going to work on a logo incorporating Frederick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall and Mary McLeod Bethune, who are three of my favorite scholars and revolutionaries. Heck, I like them so much if my future husband is up for it and we have a son I’m totally naming him Thurgood Douglass. If its a girl it will be Sojourner something. They’ll hate their names, just like my childhood classmate hated being Booker T. Washington. But can you blame his parents?

Hey, speaking of Booker T. he would be a good one to be the founder of NONA. Anyway, ideas are welcome. Either post them below or send an email to The Black Snob.

Truly yours in blackness and stay snobby!

The Black Snob

2 thoughts on “Howdy doody! New stuff a-coming!

  1. I just think it would be fun, you know? To just imagine past presidents of a fictitious black organization who worked for decades to keep black folks in line, shaking their heads at how sloppy things have gotten since they let the NAACP take over.I mean, I’d be all for this (in real life) if we got to elect representatives who would appoint the leader. That way we’d have designated press person and president who could actually speak with some authority on blackness.Such as, they got that Frederick Douglass seal of approval. I think it would be fun!

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