Clinton Lameness Watch

Have you seen this ad?

What is this? Amateur Night at the Apollo? Do I need to call the Sandman out here to sweep this lameness up? I mean, c’mon. Your last name is Clinton and the best your team could come up with was “why won’t Obama debate me?” He’s already debated you 18 times! I’m tired of listening to Wolf Blitzer fuck up questions. I mean, I get it. You’re good at debates, Hillary. But c’mon. You finally put out an attack ad and this, this is what you attack?

Obama’s team, vastly more agile than your also-rans, jumped right on your bogus argument 24-hours after you dropped the lameness.

I have to say, Hillary, I’m very disappointed. I expected fireworks and titillation and so far all I’ve gotten from you and Bill are half-assed Jesse Jackson laced disses and some fumbles involving MLK and LBJ. Seriously, what the fuck? If you’re gonna bring it, bring it. It’s like you want to get run over by the Hope Train.


These are the acts of a flawed, desperate campaign.

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