And here’s Roland Martin on the NAACP and Julian Bond

Update: This posting erroneously stated that journalist Roland Martin had endorsed a candidate for president. He has not. The Snob apologies for the snafu.

CNN’s Roland Martin blogs that NAACP President Julian Bond’s sudden interest in pushing for the Michigan and Florida delegates to be seated doesn’t past the smell test.

As someone who has opposed the leverage of Iowa and New Hampshire, I’m in agreement that they should not always be first. Yet that has nothing to do with today, and Bond knows it.

What is unclear is why he waited so long (he also didn’t notify the NAACP’s 64-member board of the letter) and why, according to my NAACP sources, he wrote the letter with help from Mary Frances Berry, former head of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, as well as Wade Henderson, CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.

The letter was hurriedly drafted on Friday, as evidence by the three misspelled words in it. It’s not clear why there was such a sense of urgency to get it out, but the fact that it came to light on Tuesday night when Obama was steamrolling Clinton in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia has some conspiracy-minded bloggers making all kinds of assertions.

Roland’s column and the info he includes from Bond’s letters to the DNC make things look even worse. Roland all but accuses Bond of trying to pull the ol’ okie doke for the Clintons and bamboozle the election.

I’m with Roland and Al, where was the outrage last year, Julian, when Florida and Michigan needed someone with sharp elbows?

2 thoughts on “And here’s Roland Martin on the NAACP and Julian Bond

  1. Wow, black snob. when did I endorse Obama?I guess when I praised Clinton, I was deemed a Clinton supporter, right?Then again, when I defended John McCain against the idiot conservative radio talk show hosts, that showed me as a GOP partisan, right?

  2. Wow, Roland. I’m surprised you found your way to my blog.I apologize for tying to you to Obama. I heard some bogus info that I (obviously) didn’t check with you. But then, I never expected you’d show up at my blog.I mean, I’m actually happy you stopped by since I watch A LOT of CNN and I usually enjoy your comments. So I’ll fix it and I will not repeat that error in the future.Toodles.The Snob

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