This weekend I …

Wasted a lot of time stumbling through the internet and reading news articles, punctuated with some Saturday and Sunday election gazing. Now I’m watching Obama on “60 Minutes.” But despite Obama plowing through Saturday’s affairs and posting up a crazy blowout I’ve been mostly blase.

I might have election burn out. Or at least news burn out. I’ve probably gotten too emotionally invested in the FISA/Protect America Act fight in Congress. And the Iraq War and so forth.

Because of this I’m really, really looking forward to tomorrow night when I can snuggle up next to most violent two-hour block on broadcast television — FOX’s “Prison Break” and “Terminator.”

See, normally I balance my often depression inducing cravings of horrible news coverage with lots of fantastical injections of books, magazines and semi-high quality TV dramas. But I’ve been limping along since the writer’s strike started up last fall, when Grey’s Anatomy was cruelly ripped away from me and replaced with garbage.

Fortunately, the strike may be over. That won’t save the season, but the networks might be able to cobble together enough original programming to keep me from personally seeking out the studio heads and murdering them one-by-one, Beatrix Kiddo-style.

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