Think Condi?

Sometimes jokes write themselves.

I first saw this last night on Countdown with Keith Oldbermann. (They even have their own Web site. Donate now!) I have no idea why this would ever be a good idea unless some freepers think that if they put a prominent black woman on the ticket she could cancel out either Hillary or Obama if they become the Democratic nominee.

So basically some neocons and freepers are saying we Negroes and womenfolk are fucking dumb.

They’d be better off asking Dick Cheney to use some insta-tan cream and cram himself in a skirt. Well … Dick Cheney is a little harsh. I don’t find Condi that repellent. Josh Bolton with an insta-tan in a skirt? A tranny Colin Powell? I don’t know. I’m just tossing ideas out there.

3 thoughts on “Think Condi?

  1. I’m great, Torrance. Thanks.Pardon my Condi Rice rant, but:I’ve been largely disappointed in her foreign policy decisions. She seemed more motivated to make reality warp around Bush’s preconceived notions, rather than give an unvarnished interpretation of the facts at hand. That might make her a good friend and employee to George W., but it didn’t really work out very well for the rest of us (re: the current craptastic state of the Middle East). There seemed to be a lot of kowtowing and hand-holding in their co-dependent relationship. So I’m pretty much on the “she was a disaster as Secretary of State” team. I realize that it must have been a nightmare to maneuver around Dick Cheney for influence but if she felt she wasn’t making an impact she should have left like Colin Powell did, not have her decent name get drug down through convoluted policy decisions.But I think she believes she’s being dedicated and honorable to stand by her friend even though he totally, totally fucked shit up royally. Like big time.

  2. Put me down for the “she was a disaster as Secretary of State” team too. Loyalty and friendship are great if who and what you’re being loyal to and friends with are honorable. When her career is over, I better hear that behind the scenes she was losing her fucking mind over Katrina, or, she’s off the island. That’s it.

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