The Cult of Hope

It was only a matter of time.

Barack Obama, what a fellow. He’s popular, good-looking, charming. He can effectively leave a crowd in thrall with stump speeches that borrow a twinkle of Jesse and a heaping of Martin. But you know? Something’s just not right about all those folks liking him so much, all those young folks and celebrities. He’s packing auditoriums. People are believing politics don’t have to be cynical. That black folks and white folks can work together to make America great. All that charisma and charm and hope talk.

Yeah, yeah. Can’t trust it, so sez Advertising Age’s Ken Wheaton.

Must be a cult.

I still can’t quite get over how creepy the* (or however you “spell” it) video for Barack Obama is … Aside from utilizing a lot of empty-headed celebrities, it also does a stellar job of using the techniques of propaganda, including: the bandwagon call, the use of beautiful people, euphoria, glittering generalities, intentional vagueness, repetition, slogans, virtue words and gratuitous use of Scarlett Johansson. In other words, it’s almost the perfect ad.

So Kenny Boy here has an idea on how the opposition can combat all that scary, multi-racial propaganda. Hillary should cold cock Barack by asking … wait for it … are you a Scientologist!

In one of the upcoming debates, maybe she could figure out a way to ask Obama the following question: “Do you view Scientology as a true religion and one the deserves tax-exempt status?” Granted, Hillary’s had her bread buttered by some Hollywood execs who may or may not be Scientologists, but it seems the celebrity class in Tinseltown has abandoned her for Obama. Depending on Barack answers the question (which he probably wouldn’t) he could risk alienating either the celebrities or his Black (predominantly Christian) followers who probably take a dimmer view of Scientology than Evangelicals think of Mormonism. If nothing else, it would get her a boatload of free media.

Wow! That makes perfect sense, Kenny! Thanks for knocking some holes in this whole “hope” theory. But Ken isn’t the first fellow to suggest that there’s something wrong with Obamamania. That it really isn’t about pride and hope. That he’s Jim Jones and we’re drinking the Kool-Aid. That this is really the beginning of a Messianic fervor, whipping up the whole nation, spreading like a disease until we’re pre-WWII Germany and the young folk call themselves “Obama Youth” and start sending “hope-deniers” to prison work camps.

We just can’t have hope! Hope is dangerous! Look at how the Negroes are getting all worked up. Why, if he doesn’t become president we could have riots in our cities. The streets will flow with the blood of Tom Delay. That half-Kenyan hope-shiller will turn America into Kenya, that embittered east African country, only instead of machetes the Negroes will be packing heat. Whatever will we do! This radical, left wing American Jihadist must be stopped!

Just ask James D. Hundall!

There’s also the matter of Obama failing to salute when the national anthem plays at events. Sure, many of us don’t, but were not in front of a crowd or running for office where we’re sworn to uphold the constitution and defend the country. It makes you wonder what his feelings or loyalties are. (And) then there’s the question of his Muslim background. I don’t think that should disqualify him, but you have to wonder, again where his loyalties lie. I doubt he’s a fan of Islamo-extremists. But who knows?

Or ask Burt Prelutsky of Pajamas Media about Obama’s so-called cult-like, scary, pro-African church.

For over 20 years, Sen, Obama has been a faithful member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. The other day, I paid a visit to Trinity’s website. There I read that the vision statement of the TUCC is based upon something called the systematized liberation theology that began in 1969 with the publication of Dr. James Cone’s book, “Black Power and Black Theology.” Dr. Cone believes that black Christians should not follow the “White Church,” as it had failed to support them in their struggle for equal rights in America. I suspect that most white Christians would disagree.

Or ask Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson who fear the wrath of Obama’s zombie-like, violent black cult-like supporters in the throws of a “Quiet riot.”

(O)n the June 6 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh accused Obama of “inciting riots” in the June 5 speech: “He’s talking about there’s a quiet riot brewing in America today because Bush doesn’t care, because Bush isn’t doing enough. This guy was inciting, he was inciting riots. … And to talk about a quiet riot that is brewing out there it is dangerous, it is reckless.” Limbaugh later asked, “Can you imagine if a Republican candidate talked about something equivalent to this; there’s a quiet riot brewing? It would be all over the place, headlines and so forth, about how this is irresponsible, trying to incite violence in America. What do you think Obama was doing?”

It just gets nuttier and nuttier. If you’re board you can check out this dude accusing Obama of race-baiting on YouTube. Or check out Jonah Goldberg and Glenn Reynold’s “theory” how Goldberg “seriously think(s) certain segments of American political life will become completely unhinged. I can imagine the fear of this social unraveling actually aiding Obama enormously in 2008.”

I wonder (Salon’s Glenn Greenwald writes): in Jonah Goldberg’s “imagination,” which (ahem) “certain segments” of the American population exactly will “become completely unhinged” if Obama loses and thereby spawn “social unraveling”? And who are the people who are going so deeply to fear this “social unraveling” that they vote for Obama just in order to keep those “certain segments” in line and well-behaved?

And then there’s this Free Republic posting.

Hussein’s exotic mixture of radical liberalism, Kwanzaa Socialism, antipathy towards the unborn, and weakness against his jihadi brethren will all come back to destroy him against almost any Republican opponent, even the snake-grope from Hope. . .

It just goes on and on.

This isn’t surpr
ising. Folks are desperate, trying to figure out a way to spook White people out of voting for Obama. I’ve read things ranging from Obama being a radical black nationalist Muslim to fear the large crowds fawning over Obama instill in the hearts of racists.

We just can’t have black people and white people coming together to take race relations to the next level. We can’t have that! What will the bigots do? Jonah Goldberg can’t, he shan’t celebrate Kwanzaa or listen to 50 Cent or whatever other stereotypical things he thinks we do. He just can’t eat fried chicken, watermelon and collard greens everyday!


But, eh … They’ll be all right.

It’s fine to disagree with Obama’s policies or his record, but this argument is the most racist, patently false and divisive argument. All’s fair in love, war and politics, but to argue that Obama is popular therefore Obama followers will cause chaos is both insulting to Obama and those who support him. The fact that Obama is winning primaries and has a fair shot at the nomination is all ethnic minorities, black and otherwise, have ever wanted — a fair shot. Blacks aren’t any more likely to riot than conservatives are to send money to Hillary’s campaign.

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