The Achilles’ heels of Hillary and Barack

Interesting article on Barack and Hillary’s strengths and weakness on The article focuses more on style and personality rather than policy differences. I thought it pointed out some interesting impressions of what their contrasting campaigning styles are signaling to voters.

Perhaps the decision between these two candidates comes down to how you like to see your political candidate hedge. Do you like the candidate pre-hedged, like Clinton, or post-hedged, like Obama? The virtue of the first approach is that it leaves nothing to hide. The virtue of the second approach is that the candidate may think, if not speak.

Timothy Noah writes about Hillary’s intelligence, but confining pragmatism that leaves her trapped in a box, and how Barack has an ambitious, innovative take on issues, but to appeal to a broad base he’s had to water some things down, making him appear airy and vague.

One thought on “The Achilles’ heels of Hillary and Barack

  1. You pay the cost to be the boss in this system. If you don’t operate and navigate within the confines of “the system” then you are out.Obama and Hillary are handcuffed in different ways. He is by race and she is by sex. It’s hard out here.

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