Rush wants to donate money to Hillary …

… in a mad villain plot to … destroy Hillary Clinton.

From The Raw Story:

Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh had an unorthodox solution to Mitt Romney’s departure from the Republican race; he’s thinking about raising money for Hillary Clinton.

Don’t be mistaken: There’s been no sudden change of heart on Limbaugh’s part toward the woman who’s been among his favorite targets for scorn over the last 15 years. Limbaugh is operating under the assumption that the Republican party — now represented by presumptive nominee John McCain — would have a better chance of retaining the White House if anti-Hillary fervor drives GOP voters to the polls in November.

Asinine, I tell you. Politics this year, on both sides, have gone all Britney Spears.

I know that Rush Limbaugh has suffered from brain rot for decades now, but, um, how’s this supposed to work? You get conservatives, who hate Hillary, to donate money to her campaign so she can somehow stop Obamamania, which has gripped the country, and win the Democratic nomination so she can either lose the election (out of Republican hate) or become president and somehow fuck things up so bad that she’s a one-termer and then the Republicans, after they’ve rebuilt the party, can take the White House back?

What kind of idiot political jujitsu is this?


“It is rumored that the Clintons are digging into their own personal wealth to fund Hillary’s campaign. I’m thinking of maybe doing a fundraiser,” Limbaugh said yesterday.

He’s been talking about it all day today, and offered a slogan:

“Keep her in it so we can win it.”

Five Kinds of Stupidity

One. How many conservatives hate Hillary THAT MUCH to send her cash under the guise that she’s the easiest to beat. Even Rush isn’t sure if he’d do it. And while Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, et al have enough cash to generate a mini fortune for Hillary, or to create Hillary attack ads by forming a Political Action Committee, these folks are still unlikely to follow through.

Who gives money to a person you hate?

Two. OK. Say you get people to actually donate the cash so that Hillary can go toe-to-toe with Obamamania and she STILL doesn’t win the nomination. Now what? Do you give Obama cash to humiliate McCain? Do you start cracking “Halfrican American” jokes again?

Three. What if despite your NOTevil genius machinations still don’t stop a Dem from getting elected. And what if the country, shock of shocks, actually gets BETTER? President Obama brings peace and prosperity to the Middle East and solves the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Hillary Clinton saves the economy and successfully revamps our health care and social security systems.

No one knows if that would happen, but if it did, Rush would look stupid.

Four. Say you get Hillary to the general and conservatives are still lethargic. I know the Republicans keep screaming that Hillary will unite them but I’ve never really bought that. It sounds too much like either wishful thinking, a dare to throw them in the brier patch. Even Ann Coulter, crazy as she is, pointed out that on a lot of issues Hillary is Hawkish and conservative. Margaret Thatcher-esque is often how Hillary comes across. She’s not the warm n’ fuzzy loony Liberal the right often paints her as.

Plus conservatives know what to expect from a Clinton Administration. They survived the first one and actually came out more powerful. Hillary in the White House is good for their invective spewing business. A lot of conservatives might just sit this election out no matter who’s running on the Dem side. Bush killed their urge to fight.

Maybe they think they’re leaders deserve to lose. Maybe the party needs to be remade.

Five. Rush is an idiot. If McCain gets in the White House and turns into a war-loving, but competent centrist, what the fuck will you do? If McCain is the leader of the party the party will shift to the center, where they need to be in the first place. If they go any further right they’ll start speaking German and calling for Liberals to pin rainbows to their chests.

Face it Rush, the establishment wants their party back. Even Reagan wasn’t as hard right as everyone has painted him to be. He talked to Russia and he pulled out of Lebanon the minute those Marines were murdered in a bomb attack. He was adverse to war because it just made shit worse and potentially risked an incursion between the world’s biggest nuclear powers.

Nothing like a potential World War III to keep you in check. But the minute we “won” the Cold War, we lost our ever-loving-minds, moving unilaterally and starting fights with everyone.

But despite this all, Rush is basically selling woof tickets to the bullshit show. The drama is helping his ratings. This “Raise Money for Hillary to Save the Republican Party” stunt is just that, a stunt. It’s utterly meaningless and shallow.

Half the country may dislike the former first lady, but they’re more likely to send their protest dollars to Obama than pass them along to the woman of their ire.

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