Maureen Dowd accused of not being able to tell black folks apart

I found this clip on Gawker.com today and thought it was hilarious.

I read Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times semi-regularly alternating between like and hate for her style of writing. But this story about a black columnist who claims Dowd confused her for Michelle Obama was quite the gem.

Here’s a taste from “Michelle Obama: Do All Black Michelles Look the Same to Maureen Dowd“:

Cherry-lipped Times columnist Maureen Dowd emphatically does not remember Times of London reporter Michelle Henery, but Henery sure remembers Dowd. At a recent Democratic presidential debate, Dowd got all “OMG so good to see you” with Henery even though they’d never met before, Henery wrote yesterday in a column. The explanation, based on Henery’s scientific and conclusive email poll of friends: Dowd must have mistaken her for Michelle Obama. “I wondered how white America was going to elect a black man for president if they could not even tell us apart,” wrote Henery, an American. The angry Dowd reaction, along with excerpts from Henery’s yanked-from-the-Web column and pictures of both Michelles, after the jump.

For Dowd, the stillettos have come off. Dowd told the Post that Henery’s account was “total fiction,” that she never approached Henery, that she knows what Michelle Obama looks like and Michelle Obama would never be in the press room in the first place. Not that she’s defensive or anything.


2 thoughts on “Maureen Dowd accused of not being able to tell black folks apart

  1. The worst was a column she did from the perspective of Clarence Thomas last year after his book came out.It was a satire but there was no indicator in the headline of our local paper, so I had no idea she was writing as Clarence Thomas. I had to swim through about 3/4s of it to figure out what the hell she was writing about. Then when I figured it out I re-read it and thought, that was dumb. What the hell, Maureen?But sometimes she’s good, like when she wrote a satirical column about George W. and Putin at the Bush vacation home.Often it’s she’s trying too hard to be cerebral and comes off like a pretentious, elitist snob. Which she’s probably doing on purpose.

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