HuffPo: Scenes From The GOPocalypse

I was reading Sam Stein’s article on Huffington Post about Mitt “The Quit” Romney dropping out of the race. I’m sure you’ve all heard about some right wingers going into seizures over the prospect of a McCain presidency, but Stein’s account of Romney’s announcement at CPAC was insane. I was supressing giggles throughout the whole thing, but I had to guffaw at the end.

“It is like now I have to choose between the left and the radical left,” said Jeffrey Goldberg, a Michigan Republican and Romney supporter. “John McCain’s appearance here will be like David Duke going before the NAACP.”

Oh … My … GOD! Do these people know what hyperbole means? I know that McCain hasn’t traditionally backed the complete right wing agenda, but he’s against abortion and for the war. What the hell is wrong with you people? I mean, go ahead, freak out because it makes things better for the Democrats, but seriously? Do these folks actually want us Socialist, Tax-n-Spend, Negro-loving, war-surrendering, Gay sex having Commies to take over? My God. Don’t they realize that if Obama takes the White House someone might start suggesting that high school students use condoms as opposed to having sex without condoms? That if the Clintons rule once again we may not go to war with Iran?

I’m pretty sure that most of these political heretics will get their shit together and vote for McCain in the long run. I know there will be those who can’t let shit go. But with all this ridiculousness it’s like they have the opposite problem of what the Democrats have where the people are happy with their candidates, but the front runners are trying to bust-a-cap in one another’s asses.

But hey! Why not have both political parties implode together? It’ll be fun.


2 thoughts on “HuffPo: Scenes From The GOPocalypse

  1. I simply do NOT understand all the hate for McCain. I’m not trying to be a smart ass – I am sincerely perplexed! Because – who are all the people that are voting for him? They call themselves Republicans, right?If the great majority of people who call themselves “Republicans” voted for this guy, then who are these pundits to disagree?I mean, for whatever reason – he got more votes than the other guys. The haters need to just accept that, deal with it and move the eff on already. Boy, am I ever glad I’m not a Republican!

  2. I’ve heard all the reasons from Republicans and they all boil down to this … McCain won’t let us steal with impunity.McCain got caught up in the Keating 5 scandal and the Savings and Loans mess in the 80s. After having his reputation sullied he became a champion for fighting graft and waste.So yeah. He basically won’t let them steal and he sponsored some bills with Joe Lieberman and Ted Kennedy.Oh my God! Such sins! How dare he not let us be completely morally bankrupt!Other than that he’s super conservative. So basically they’re all being jackasses.Their real fear is that if he gets elected the influence that the far right and religions wing of the Republican party will lose some of their influence. Republicans wouldn’t have to pander so hard to the extremists in their base.Which in someways, if I weren’t hoping for a Dem White House, I could live with McCain winning if it gets that element marginalized. The whole “activist” judges thing is royally fucking up the judicial system, packing the bench with hardliners and religious extremists. How is that helping America?I mean, the Dems don’t let the Liberals and Progressives run the party. We can influence things but how many hardcore, pandering Liberal politicians do you know who aren’t Ted Kennedy and Dennis Kuicinich?It’s ridiculous. The Republicans who hate McCain should just get the hell over it because his pro-War, anti-Abortion Maverick ass is the closest they’re going to get to getting the White House in November.

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