The Super Tuesday Complaint Department

I realize that these people may be the most popular ratings getters on their news networks, but why is Lou Dobbs hosting my election night coverage? Even when he was trying to emote sincerity over election night tornadoes in Arkansas and Tennesse I still shook my head and muttered “asshole.” (For more evidence of Lou Dobbs’ politcal hackery click here.)

I don’t get this. This is serious news. News people should at least fake impartiality. Everyone knows that and everyone knows that Lou Dobbs is NOT impartial about anything. And I have this same gripe with MSNBC. Why they don’t fuse together the NBC and MSNBC election night coverage I don’t know. Is it some union/guild thing? What is it? I could be looking at Brian Williams right now, but instead I have Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. I like Keith, but once again, not impartial.

Keith is a flaming liberal, Chris is a sexist with a Kennedy fetish and Lou Dobbs is a xenophobic bag o’ wind. I know these things because I’ve witnessed them engaging in lib-on-sexist-on-xenophobic behavior on a daily basis for a very long time now. These people should not be news anchors. They should be color commentators at the most or not on the TV fake anchoring at all. And this isn’t because CNN is denying me of my “TJ Holmes and Don Lemon Do the Election Spectacular!” featuring special guest appearances of gorgeous men in uniforms. No, that’s not the problem. The problem is that both MSNBC and CNN are full of impartial seeming anchors and reporters leaving only person I should be rolling my eyes over — Wolf Blitzer.

God, is he terrible.

But, once again, he at least fakes like he’s impartial. CNN has Soledad O’Brien and John King as a part of their election night coverage. Why would they have Lou Dobbs as one of the hosts and leave Soledad in the back? MSNBC has Tom Brokaw just hanging out shooting the shit. I don’t expect him to come out of retirement and man the helm, but why not simulcast with anchor Brian Williams? He’s only on the air 22 minutes a day. What could he possibly be doing while I’m watching Keith stutter and Chris Matthews mangle the English language?

Opinion people aren’t news people. I realize that line has blurred heavily in recent years, but if I’m going to listen to partisan jockeys I’d rather watch James Carville and Mary Matalin give me election night results. That way there are no illusions of professionalism — just two married people hacking their hardest for their respective parties.

2 thoughts on “The Super Tuesday Complaint Department

  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. Watch Lou Dobbs try to be serious was irritating. Once again, it’s already bad enough that Wolf Blizter and a pack o’ pundits were there. But no Lou Dobbs! Get that man out of my news!

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