The Missouri Compromise

Well, I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but I think St. Louis County and City helped push Barack Obama across that Missouri finish line, edging out Hillary Clinton by almost 10,000 votes. That was all St. Louis, baby. Because down state and the rural counties all flipped Clinton (unsurprisingly).

This is because St. Louis is the east coast of Missouri, your downgrade New York and Kansas City is our barbecue loving western cousin. Both places are stuffed full with black people and educated, upper class Liberals, two groups Obama is racking up.

The rest of the state is as Red as they come out in the rural areas. You might as well be in Arkansas when you get out in the Ozarks or hanging out in the boot heel.

Despite St. Louis’ valiant effort to ram Obama through, Clinton gathered enough votes county and city-wide to split the state almost evenly with Obama. Because of this the win is more for bragging rights. Missouri’s delegates will be split evenly between Obama and Clinton. Hence the Missouri Compromise reference.

So the fight goes on with Obama and Clinton in a tough race for the nomination. I have to admit, this is rather exciting. I’ve been a political observer since I was around 12 and this is the first hotly contested, dog-fight for delegates race I’ve ever seen. It was thrilling to stay up until 1 a.m. to see how the states flipped. Gosh, I wish every presidential election were like this. Of course, I could still do without the pundits, but what can you do.

Side note: Michelle Obama is the snazziest potential first lady in the pack. No matter what event she’s is killing it in the clothes department. She’s got Nancy Reagan’s touch of glam and Jackie Kennedy’s loads o’ class. I have never seen her in an outfit that wasn’t innovative, yet feminine. Her clothes hearken back to old school pillbox n’ pearls chic mixed with the avant-garde. Her hair is always on point. I think I’m going to have put together a Michelle Obama photo fashion show, because someone needs to dole out bona fides for her ability to put it together with amazing efficiency.

One thought on “The Missouri Compromise

  1. St Louis people are unbelievable snobs ! As are Obama followers. If you choose to vote for Hillary, you must be some gun-totin,’ truck-driven’, moron who doesn’t have the good sense or intelligence to pick the right candidate which’d be Berk Obamer. I am SO tired of this attitude from the Obama camp and the press. Obama is a media darling. They have fueled him since the start. They never say anything negative about him; of course, what has he done ? He has only served in the US Senate for less than two years. He has never even been in the game and now everyone is treating him like the Prince among the Thieves, that would be us Clinton folk. So, suck down your lattes and watch him walk on water while I load the young-uns in the Chevy and go to the Wal-Mart.

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