Papa and Mama Snob in an undated photograph

Despite some light peppering for moi, Mama and Papa Snob did not relinquish the names of who they voted for in the 2008 Democratic primary. They probably won’t relent them, even upon pain of death. The most I was able to scratch out was that my mother had a difficult time choosing and my father (of course) did not. We won’t even get into the extended Snob family, which is ginormous, but I might ask my sisters at some point.

I’m hoping we all made the right decisions since we’re holding on to our secret ballots like if we say our candidate’s name out loud it won’t come true. You folks know who I’m backing, but I’m just as superstitious as my parents. Although Mama Snob said maybe, MAYBE she would say who she voted for if the person who she voted for wins. We’ll see how Missouri goes in this historical primary. Will they be on the right side of history with the Gateway Arch and Chuck Berry? Or will it be on the bad side with the Missouri Compromise and the Dred Scott Decision?

Only time will tell … in about four to five hours.

6 thoughts on “Voted!

  1. When your parents see that pic, and realize the implicit comment about their age you seem to be making, you’re gonna be in soooo much trouble.

  2. Nah. They think “blogging” is the name of a ragtime tune written by Scott Joplin.Kidding! You’re only as young as you think you are. Many-a time my parents have regaled me with youthful stories about the Panic of 1893 leading them to vote for McKinley in 1896.OK, I made that last part up.My mother didn’t have the right to vote in the election of 1896. But she really liked his Republican platform!As a child of slightly “old” parents who waited to marry and have kids I can do this all day.

  3. Yeah..I am NOT telling who I voted for but I agree with whatever my state decides since we tend to be a blue state! I don’t know why we don’t say…maybe you are won’t come true if we actually say it out loud.xoxo

  4. Um … Big Sis, you LIVE in Illinois! Barack’s “home” state is where he’s senator, hence rendering whatever your vote was almost meaningless. Unlike in Missouri where my vote is highly courted and influential!So despite your tiny little vote being highly insignificant our forefathers appreciated that you went through the trouble anyway. 😉

  5. Hey hey hey… I don’t mean to stick my nose in the middle of family business, but I have to defend “Big Sis of Black Snob!” As a fellow Illinoisan, I reject the notion that our votes count less! As a blue state we have much to show you “Show Me” staters, even if we do it by the size of our margins!Update: This Negro just won North Dakota. Huh?

  6. Boo, Illinois! Boo!Sorry. I’ll stop the state-vs-state rhetoric.But yeah, North Dakota. I mean, I don’t know the racial breakdown in North Dakota but can you actually have a negative number of black citizens?

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