It’s like the Civil War, but not

Found this video on this morning about the Democratic race today and how it’s splitting families. I don’t know if it’s split our family as no one is saying who they’re voting for. Maybe we just don’t feel like having any Pro-Obama/Pro-Hillary fights. Or maybe, as a family of pragmatists, we’re all having mini-crises because our choices stem from groups who have historically been unelectable, hence forcing us to find our inner optimist. Hope or the familiar? Are we going to be cynics about our votes or hopefully that the best will come of it? Is it a bad omen that its all dark and stormy in the STL today?

What are you trying to say, God??? Is it because Mike Huckabee keeps dragging Chuck Norris around like he’s the future First Lady? I mean, seriously, Chuck Norris? The shit was funny at first, but now … weird.

It’s hard to dust the dread off. For more 20 years of my 30 years on this earth the US has had a Republican president and black people have struggled under any administration that doesn’t think black issues are worth caring about. I’m not saying Republicans don’t care about black people, but they’ve never held any “get out the vote” rallies in North St. Louis. Or East St. Louis. Or proposed any programs that would make it easy for people to vote or suggested that they would actually staff the FBI’s Civil Rights division with people who actually believe the US still has Civil Rights issues.

That’s all I’m saying. Black voters care about politicians who care about black people. Not Republicans who care about Condi Rice and no one else.

This is worse than the crises of conscious I had when I was 9 when I figured out that the same Ronald Reagan that I was raised to despise was backing all these defense contracts for McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis where Papa Snob was in management. Never mind the fact that I was totally against war and nuclear proliferation. Every new My Little Pony I was given was actually a gift from the military industrial complex that was still preparing then for World War III, a nuclear holocaust with the USSR.

And then the freakin’ Challenger blew up. It was so distressing.

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  1. I’m fine with Negroes voting for Hillary. But the idea that she’s likely to be better on issues relevant to us is absurd. It’s just not a serious argument. Which is to say that it’s very much like the argument of the Civil War — in one corner you had the side of right; in the other, the side of wrong. 🙂

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