Happy Super Tuesday! Prepare for guilt-baiting!

Don’t forget to vote or caucus if you’re in a Super Tuesday state. I’m voting! It’s one of the few things I actually get patriotic over. And the whole Snob family across the US of A will be voting. We BlackSnobs believe in the Democratic process very deeply even though we’re super cynical about everything else. But considering people died so we could vote, we feel we owe it to everyone from Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers to do our civic duty. So vote people! I know you have the right not to vote. I don’t know why any American would want to do that. (No taxation without representation?) So, fine, but a conscious objector to the thing we fought the Revolutionary War over. No big.

But I’m going to throw a guilt trip on everyone anyway because this is the only thing I throw the glare of death on people over. Don’t like church. Fine, don’t go. Think Prince and Lenny Kravitz are essentially the same artist? What do I care. But you say you don’t vote, prepare to get taken to the mat by moi, because Democracy is my civic religion. I’m not going to tell you to “Vote or Die” a la Diddy because that’s ridiculous. But from the Founding Fathers to the Civil Rights Movement to the Women’s Suffrage Movement, don’t act like folks took one over the head for nothing.

And just for some reinforcement. Here’s some pictures of those people one took one for you.

Just look at their solemn, freedom loving faces. Look at the white-with-wisdom hair of Douglass. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy shoulder to shoulder.

Womens’ suffrage protesters. The stern glare of Susan B. Anthony. The determined face of Medgar Evers and his sorrow-filled widow at his funeral after he was murdered. Look at them! All they wanted was for you to have the right to live in a free and peaceful America where you could live where you wanted, be master’s of your own destines and vote. For Pete’s sake! Vote!

And that was my guilt-baiting for the day! People fought and died for you to have the right vote! No big deal! And you can bet my guilt baiting will only get worse when the general election comes along.

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