And it was awesome. Super Bowl 42 was awesome. A nail biter. The Patriot’s perfect season is irrelevant. All the Brady brilliance blah-blah-blah. Spygate. The genius of the NFL’s own version of a James Bond villain, Bill “The Madman” Belichick. The NFC’s Giants have returned peace and orderliness to the football universe. Don Shula’s Dolphins perfect season of ’72 remains a singular act.

I’m actually not a big Giants fan. Hell, I’m not a Giants fan at all. But I love the Dallas Cowboys. And if Tony Romo and TO couldn’t make my day by denying the Patriots another Super Bowl, the New York Giants will do.

And gap-toothed lover-man Michael Strahan is running about, like a child, filled with unbridled joy! Nice job, lesser Manning. Nice job.

2 thoughts on “WHOOOO-HOOO!

  1. I kinda wanted to see the 19-0 record, but I will admit tht it was nice seeing Strahan get a ring. And awwww….Eli Manning is all grown up now!

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