St. Louis is flattered by all the attention she’s getting

Barack Obama killed it at the Edwards Jones Dome in St. Louis Saturday. Despite the snow thousands packed the arena to get a gander at Obama. He worked the crowd. I, alas, did not attend, but watched the event unfold live on the ol’ C-SPAN.

Weirdest moment was when the show was over was one of the phone calls the C-SPAN host got during the call-in segment. While the majority calls were happy, pro-Obama people, or polite bi-curious Hillary people, one guy with a thick accent when on a rant of how a vote for Obama was a vote for socialism.

I don’t understand people like this. Socialism? Really? Will we speak nationalize all our corporations and turn Congress into giant rubber stamp? Wait. We had that rubber stamp part for a while and it was under a Republican administration. So, does that mean Georgie is a Socialist. I think not.

As for Obama, thank goodness St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay wasn’t at the Dome. We didn’t need this evening of wondrous good feelings marred by the instinctive boos Slay receives whenever he’s within a few feet of black people.

I think he’s backing the opposition anyway.

Speaking of the opposition, Hillary Clinton is also wooing the Show Me State, albeit on a smaller scale. St. Louis is enjoying the flattery, not wanting either candidate to get in on the secret that us city folks don’t run the state. The Red State country folk do. But the cities are where the Democrats are. So happy hunting!

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