Obama-mania, international style!

I found this cartoon on Slate.com. It’s from The Straits Times in Singapore. I recently read this article about international interest in the US presidential election. It looked out how the world views the candidates and our outgoing Commander-in-Chief.

After eight years of President Bush, the latest mantra in U.S. politics – “transformational change” – is resonating across the rest of a planet desperate for a fresh start.

“They feel there’s a real chance to work with the U.S.,” said Julianne Smith, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. “America’s image in the world is really on the line.”

Non-Americans, she said, are looking for someone who can “restore faith in the United States.”

…. In the post-Bush era, the bottom line is blunt and simple, said (political scientist at the London School of Economics Patrick Dunleavy).

“People all around the world are pretty worried,” he said. “They want a president who will restore a kind of U.S. legitimacy in the world.”

It says Obama is the guy to watch for most people, and is a favorite in Germany, Japan and Africa. The Europeans largely favor Hillary out of fond memories of Bill Clinton’s presidency. She also gets a lot of pro-Israel support. The Russians and Iraqis are betting on the Republicans, although the Russians don’t like McCain because of his anti-Putin remarks.

Mexico’s president is poo-pooing the whole lot as a bunch of Mexican immigrant hating jerks (even the Dems?). I get his annoyance, but dude, fix your damn country. Maybe we wouldn’t be having this crisis over immigration. I’m not saying everything is Mexico’s fault, because it isn’t. But President Calderon should give a crap that his people on the northern border are so poor that they’re willing to walk miles through a barren desert and die to wash our dishes, slaughter our cows and fix our rooftops. Something is very messed up about that.

But of course Calderon has no incentive to fix the inequities. Just as American corporations want cheap labor so Americans can buy cheap goods, Mexico needs those same immigrants to send home billions in American cash to their families in Mexico to prop up the Mexican economy. J’accuse!

That said, I find it fascinating how close the race is being watched internationally, but considering America’s amazing ability to do things that have unbelievable and often, horrible consequences for the rest of planet earth, I can see why our election for “Leader of the Free World” would interest them …

… If only for the reason that American might become competent again. Don’t you miss half-ass competent America? How he would call you back after dates and not start pointless wars?

Yeah. Good Times.

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