Stakes Are High

Republicans are openly dreaming of a Hillary Clinton run for the White House to keep their faltering coalition from fracturing. Depending on who you ask, it’s being undone by either the weight of “Mr. 29 Approval Rating” or the alleged liberalism of Senator John McCain. It’s against this backdrop where we’re almost ready to step upon that terra firma known as “Democrats: Please don’t fuck this up, yours truly, America.”

Anyone who thinks the Republicans are just going to lie down and take one in the ass for either Barack or Hillary is crazy. They’re going to fight until the last man standing. So will Democrats fight to get their nominee in? Will they defend and protect his or her reputation? If the goal is to get a Democrat in the White House, if only to stem the tide of corruption and unconstitutionality born in the era of the Imperial Presidency, will people suck things up and suck it up quick?

It’s time to get realistic.

Obama recently made some comments about how if he’s the nominee he’s sure he’ll get Hillary’s supporters but isn’t sure if she’ll get his if she’s the nominee. I cringed at this, not because he was lying. I’m pretty positive there would be plenty of Obama supporters, me included, who would be devastated if he lost. But I felt what Obama said was wrong because if the goal is to get a Democrat in the White House you don’t want to make it sound like you wouldn’t encourage your supporters to make it happen.

For all the things that are wrong with Hillary she is not the same as John McCain or Mitt Romney. And at the end of the day, Barack and Hillary are going to have to work with one another. Be pissed at the Clintons, but love America enough to ensure that our next overlord isn’t the real Bush Lite, John McCain.

I get what Obama’s doing. He’s arguing for his electability, trying to counter the Clintons’ claims that he’s too risky. He wanted to demonstrate that his bipartisan support was real and united. Obama has built an awesome coalition. I just want everyone to realize that the ritualistic blood-letting the Democratic party does every election cycle often leads to us losing in November.

So for fuck’s sake, work that out.

We don’t need thousands of dejected Obama supporters sitting on their hands come November. We don’t need a repeat of 2000 where Dem weakness and Clinton jealousy underminded what should have been a sure thing. A lot of TV pundits keep acting like the Dem presidency is a done deal in light of all the bad calls they’ve made at the polls. Don’t listen to these agitators. The stakes are too high. I know we’re all feeling good for ourselves. I know were all ready to move past the Bush-Cheney Era, God knows I am, but I don’t want people to lose perspective.

Just like I need Obama to keep his supporters positive even if he doesn’t end up on the ticket, Hillary needs to swallow the bile and turn that permanent bitch face onto the Republican opponent if she’s not the nominee.

I don’t need her and Bill doing to Obama what they did to Gore, undermining him every chance they get. If she’s that deft of a street fighter, get in the streets and get Barack elected. Break some thumbs. Gouge a few eyes. Throw some blocks. Find creative ways to bring up McCain’s 71 years on this earth over and over while complimenting Obama’s health and virility. Bust some skulls. I don’t care. But don’t malinger. Don’t make snide remarks. And dear God, don’t do nothing lest we have the press obsessing about why the Clintons aren’t stumping for Obama. No more manufactured controversies. No more triangulation. Nothing but you doing everything in your power to make a Democratic White House possible, even if that White House isn’t yours.

Do what your husband didn’t do — bring transformative change and success to the Democratic party. It’s not all about you … and Bill.

At the end of the day we have to be united, if only so because we normally aren’t.

I don’t want to lose the White House yet again. The way Supreme Court Justices are flying off the shelves one more Republican administration and they’re going to roll back Brown vs. the Board of Education. I don’t want to doom my future children because the court is going to be packed with ultra-conservative morality cops who only care about womens’ reproductive systems, keeping gay people from marrying, denying racism under the guise of “progress,” protecting corporate interests and thinking the president should be able to do whatever he or she wants, even if it involves subverting the will of the people.

So I know that the Democratic Party is a weak and imperfect vessel for such a difficult and magnanimous task, I just want them to get it together, win and then, sweet Jesus, refuse all those powers Dick Cheney created for the heir apparent. Darth Cheney has cooked up kooky, powers that would make Barack or Hillary the most powerful Democrat president since FDR. I don’t want to trade one overlord for another. I want a president. Not an Emperor. As tempting as having the power to do things Richard Nixon only dreamed of doing, I hope that President Obama can resist the temptation.

If it’s President Hillary, well. I can’t lie. She’s not going to give up all of those powers. She’ll roll them back a little, but she’s has political scores to settle. But I think the Republicans, under a second Clinton Administration, will gladly take up the roll as Hillary BS checker ensuring that some checks and balances will be restored.

But that’s still a big if.

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