Scary things

Conservative provocateur and general political correctness heretic Ann Coulter recently told fellow agent of intolerance Sean Hannity that she would stump for Hillary if John McCain is the nominee.

While Barack Obama might applaud this particular pro-Hillary endorsement, I’m pretty sure the Hillster would offer up a loud, “Um, not helping!

Coulter likely went faux pro-Hillary to best outrageously describe the level of hate she has for Senator McCain. The press seems to be particularly enamored with this assuming that Ann Coulter has much credibility within the Republican mainstream.

Many TV pundits want to write this off as the fringe going anaphylactic, but I think the McCain hatred is not just a thing of talk show hosts and book hustlers. Hannity, Coulter, Laura Ingram and Rush Limbaugh all have huge audiences because they’re operating in a tremendously large echo chamber. They wouldn’t say the things they say if they didn’t know their audience. It’s true that these people don’t exist within the hierarchical structure of the Republican Party. Keith Olbermann often calls them the Lunatic Fringe, but I always think, “Yeah, I think they’re crazy, but what about their hundreds of thousands, in some cases, millions, of listeners and readers?

Right wing talk is driven by the market. The Republican establishment blamed Limbaugh and others when people balked on comprehensive immigration reform. It’s like it never occurred to Senators McCain, Lindsay Graham, Trett Lot, et al that the needs of the corporations who backed them and the workers who filled the pews would one day collide. But I think the Republican Party could use some more diversity of thought. A good challenge by clean up some of the garbage that hasn’t helped the public, Republican and Democrat.

2 thoughts on “Scary things

  1. Ann isn’t scary. I do not want to spend the energy to figure out what she is. Give equal time to Michelle Obama for an antidote to Ann’s claptrap. When I first saw Michelle I thought she was a bit flip. No more. She is a class act and I would put her up against anyone.

  2. See, I actually don’t think Ann Coulter is scary. I always thought she was a comedian. A Right wing Sarah Silverman pulling the “horrible things coming out of a woman’s mouth” routine. The Kathy Griffin of McCarthy Apologists, so to speak. I just don’t know if her readers and fans realize that she’s just blowing a lot of hot comedic air.As for your other point, I have loved Michelle Obama’s bluntness since the beginning. Anyone that smart and ballsy is amazing to me.Yet I don’t like Ann Coulter for pretty much those same reasons. I guess on person’s “ballsy” is another person’s “jackass,” but you really can’t compare the two. Michelle doesn’t go around purposely trying to piss people off in an effort to pimp more books.

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