Another endorsement Obama won’t miss

Correction: I erroneously stated that Stevie Wonder was on Team Hillary. He is actually on Team Obama. I apologize to Stevie. Big fan of his work.

50 Cent, a rapper who I absolutely can not stand, is endorsing Hillary Clinton. For some reason FOX News really, really, really needed to know this from the rapper. Oddly though, Fiddy made his pro-Hillary stance known almost a year ago, once again making the FOX News exclusive a little suspect.

That said, Bob Johnson, Ann Coulter and Curtis Jackson have endorsed Clinton. Well, jokingly in Ann’s case. I really like Magic Johnson who is also a Hillary-lover, but Senator, I can’t back someone who allows 50 Cent to run free saying he’ll vote for them. I just can’t. Because who’s next, Hillary? Who? Karrine Steffans? Shannon Sharpe? Flava Flav? Or, worse yet, New York? Not the city, but this woman?

It’s getting comically bad when people no one would want to be seen with are on television claiming they will vote for you. It’s no crime to have an unsavory character vote for you. Who can control that? But gez. It’s getting a stepin’ fechit level of embarrassing over there on your praise team. Maybe you should start paying people not to endorse you publicly.

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